Teachers, Professors and Art Instructors: Info for you

I'm watching schools open and close around me as the world grapples with Omicron, and realized it's been awhile since I publicized this offer:

If you are an instructor who has had to partially or fully move your RL class that needs a figure model online due to coronavirus, please contact me and let me know how long your semester is -- I will give all of the students in your private study group a full membership for the semester at no charge.

If you are a student who has an instructor who needs this resource, please send them this link!


SH (unregistered visitor)

Oh it’s very nice

Kim McBride (unregistered visitor)

I have some students remote and some in class. I love this resource!!

Essess (unregistered visitor)

Do you need a model?

김민서 (unregistered visitor)


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