Tool updates: better image resizing

As of this afternoon, the gesture drawing tools will make an attempt to resize each image to be as large as possible and still fit on your screen without scrolling. With a little extra legwork, I got it working in mobile safari as well, so you iPad users should have a much nicer experience!

Other minor changes included the addition of a drop shadow on the "time left" text, so you can see what length of pose you're drawing even when the image has a white background. Also, when you pause, the word "paused" will remain on-screen until you unpause.

More to come. For now, happy drawing! :)


Gloria (unregistered visitor)

That's good. I think you did something that you didn't intend to do though. Whenever I click class mode and pick the time for it. The huge description blocks me from picking anything that is 2hrs and up. I always pick 2hrs, but now I only have a choice of 30min or 1hr. :C

Kim - Site admin

How long has this been going on? As far as I know, I didn't do anything yesterday that would have caused that to start.

EDIT: I don't see anything different, but I made some edits that might help. :)

John S. (unregistered visitor)

Hello! I am having the same issue as Gloria, that whenever my mouse is over the button for selecting the class length the tooltip prevents me from actually being able to click it. It happens on the 2 hours and up options for me too, though the one hour tooltip just barely leaves enough room to click it. I am on a Mac and this issue persists in both Safari and Chrome.

Kim - Site admin

Thanks for the report! If you go to the page and reload there now, does it continue?

Matt (unregistered visitor)

a workaround to the issue is to enter twoard the class modes from the right, top, or bottom instead of the left. as long as you already know which class you want to choose it isn't an issue

Kim - Site admin

Did my changes not resolve this issue for anyone? I'm no longer seeing it.

Matt (unregistered visitor)

it still does it. to recreate the problem hover over 1 hour then try to go to 2 hour from there. (with the popup still there)

I never had a problem with it because I usually go strait to my choice instead of going from one to another.

Gloria (unregistered visitor)

I can now click on the 2 hrs and up. Sorry I was so late; I was on a trip to Nurnberg and didn't get back until yesterday night.

John S. (unregistered visitor)

I wasn't able to check until today, but the tooltips are now out of the way in both Chrome and Safari! Thanks!! :D

Kim - Site admin

Thanks for the updates, guys! I will continue to look into it. I had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction at the beginning of this week and have not been programming fit for some days, so for those that are still experiencing the problem, know that I haven't given up yet. :)

Kim - Site admin

I made one final tweak to help keep the tooltip out of the way. A reload or cache clear might be in order for those of you still having some trouble. Hopefully this clears it up for everyone. :)

Bill (unregistered visitor)

For both horses and people, most of the horizontal format photos are shown too elongated. When I first click forward > they show in normal proportions for a fraction of a second, then suddenly stretch out horizontally to the point of distortion.

Kim - Site admin

What device and browser are you using?

Endoperez (unregistered visitor)

I get the stretching on Windows 7 using Opera 12.14, on a laptop with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It always seems to happen for the first image after tool has been opened.

Perhaps the image width is set incorrectly? If I scale the browser window smaller horizontally, the image is only scaled horizontally until it reaches the original proportions. Afterwards it scales in both directions. Setting the browser window wider while the bug is in effect scales the image with its current proportions.

It's not a big issue for me, but hopefully that helps you figure out the cause. Thanks for the fantastic tool.

Kim - Site admin

I downloaded Opera 12.10 on windows 7 to test this, and was unable to duplicate the bug. Everything seemed to scale correctly for images in both orientations and in both tools.

Is it possible you have any plugins or extensions for your browser that could be causing an interaction?

fellllll (unregistered visitor)

Hi, I have the same Problem,

I'm also using Opera 12.14 and Windows 7.

In Fullscreen, when I start the tool, the pictures are always distorted - either they are stretched too wide oder too big in general (unsharp).
My workaround is to resize my browser-window (make it smaller) until the image refreshes and then is displayed correct.
Another way is to continue to the next image (or go back). After that, everything works fine, too.

Thank you for your efforts and the great tool, i enjoy it so much :)

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