Catching up

Hello artists,

This month has been a challenging one for me. I had two separate wisdom teeth extractions followed just this week by both the norovirus and the flu that's been going around this season. Talk about a double whammy. Between it all, I've had many many weeks of being behind the curve, and I wanted to apologize for being slow to answer your emails and respond to your comments and posts.

After this latest hit, I'm going to allow myself a few more days to recover before I try to deal with the backlog, but please know you haven't been forgotten.

One thing that is up to date: The progress counter IS accurate as of today, and I've finally factored in the paypal fees. We are extremely close to our goal, and I have interviews with a number of photographers scheduled for the coming weeks to get this ball rolling on new practice tools for all of us.


Chris breen (unregistered visitor)

That sound painful, :D but I'm glad that your back.

Eleanor J (unregistered visitor)

I've just donated a small amount by way of saying "Thanks SO much for your wonderful site!" The figure drawing timed classes are such an excellent resource. Good luck making the hands and feet tool - I'll be very keen to use it when it's done. :D


Being sick is no fun for sure. Hope your well soon and back at it!


Norovirus, flu AND wisdom teeth extractions? Yikes, that's one heck of a month to struggle through. Hope that you get well soon, and best of luck with the photography and hands & feet tool!

Melissa (unregistered visitor)

Thanks for your hard work. This community you brought together is invaluable. Keep working on those tools. The world needs them. I contributed a little too. :)

Kim - Site admin

Thanks everyone! Just to keep you in the loop, I was recovering well and then had a relapse... A lot of chicken soup later, and I'm finally climbing out of my hole again. What a rough start to the year!!

Tripleguess (unregistered visitor)

Thanks so much for taking the initiative to make this tool. I use it almost every day. It is extremely valuable to me right now because I don't have to look for anything; I just grab my tablet and open my web browser, and take off running.

This makes it possible for me to practice daily in spite of the fact that I'm surrounded by the chaos of packing up for a long distance move. ^^;

Thanks again!

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