Turning a windlass photo series

I'm taking a quick break from releasing Rosali bundles to get a few other sorts of bundles out instead - I figure it's a good thing to mix up the release schedule a bit. :)

So today, check out this set of 12 figure study photos by photographer Bill, available immediately for everyone. I'll let him describe the idea behind it in his own words:

"The other day I saw a group of men struggling to turn a large wheel that I assume was attached to a shut off valve of some kind (they were water department employees). I wondered if I could recreate the look using a table that I have and this is the result."

Here's a sample of one of them:

Comments on "Turning a windlass photo series"

Aunt Herbert

Cool idea. Looking forward to drawing them.


Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing what these poses inspire.

Phobos Anomaly

Nice, thanks. I really like and would love to see more 'action' poses in general - models performing real life tasks and interacting with objects. It's very useful for drawing scenes from imagination. People in everyday life rarely assume extreme / dramatic / theatrical poses, but they run, climb steps, lift objects, kneel to pick objects up, etc. So thank you for these pictures from Bill!


Thanks for the kind words! I'll keep working on "real" poses and I look forward to seeing the art that these inspire.

Pearla (unregistered visitor)

Thanks, Bill! You guys work so hard on your photography and it really helps us. Keep up the amazing work :)

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