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News & announcements: Tool updates: better image resizing

As of this afternoon, the gesture drawing tools will make an attempt to resize each image to be as large as possible and still fit on your screen without scrolling. With a little extra legwork, I got it working in mobile safari as well, so you iPad users should have a much nicer experience! Other minor changes included the addition of a drop shadow on the "time left" text, so you can see what length... Continue reading

News & announcements: What is your artistic challenge?

I'm looking for new topics to feature in our blog in the coming year, and I want to know: What's your artistic challenge? Please leave a comment on this post with suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered here. Nothing could be more rewarding than knowing I'm writing articles that are helping real people out there in the world!... Continue reading

News & announcements: What books have helped you?

Do you have any reference books that you simply can't do without in your artistic practice? Have there been instructional books along the way that helped you make leaps forward in your understanding? Please share the title and author of those books in the comments, so everyone can benefit from them! We may even feature a few of those books in our blog in the coming year.... Continue reading

News & announcements: Complete site overhaul

While taking my first vacation in many years, I've completely overhauled the entire site. I have wanted to give the tools a more fitting home since I created them, and I finally, finally found a little time. Here's a taste of what's new: A critique forum A lessons & tips area where I can post the best ideas and anatomical information that is sent to me. Some of you are pros with much advice... Continue reading