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News & announcements: Welcome to the all new site

You made it! We're so glad to have you on our new website. We used to be As you can see, we've relaunched with a brand new site, a brand new name, and a completely rewritten code base for our drawing tools. Here's some of the new drawing tool features you can now enjoy: A redesigned, cleaner user interface The new tools are more mobile friendly so you can use... Continue reading

News & announcements: One week until relaunch!

We are one week away from our big relaunch with a new name, new look, and totally rebuilt drawing practice tools. I could hardly be more excited! Please be aware that the forums and new account registrations will close on the 22nd in preparation for the move; they'll reopen on the 24th, after we've made the switch. The drawing tools themselves will remain available as normal. If you don't have an... Continue reading

News & announcements: A sneak peek at the new site

As you've probably heard by now, this site will be relaunching under the name Line Of Action on November 24th. With the new name comes an all new look and totally rebuilt drawing tools that incorporate many of the features you've been hoping for for years. Last week, we took a look at what's in store for the drawing tools themselves. This week, I wanted to offer a peek at the new look of the site. Much... Continue reading