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News & announcements: A sneak peek at the new drawing tools

I know that you're dying to know more about the new drawing tools that are scheduled for release on November 24th along with the move to the new site, Here's a taste of what they'll have at launch: Redesigned, cleaner user interface The new tools are more mobile friendly so you can use them more effectively from your phone or tablet. You can choose a custom length of time for... Continue reading

News & announcements: An all new site, entirely rebuilt tools

Dear gesture drawing friends, You've been waiting oh so patiently for updates, and I'm so glad to be able to announce one of the biggest updates in the history of these drawing tools is on the horizon. As many of you know, back when I originally put these tools together, I had just made them for my own practice without realizing anyone else would ever use them, so I neglected to give them a name.... Continue reading

News & announcements: An interview about the site

I was recently digitally interviewed by Andrea Pinto, a student at the Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo in Ecuador, who wanted to learn more about the site as part of a class project. As I was writing my answers, I realized that other people might have some of the same curiosities, and asked Andrea for permission to share the questions and my answers with all of you. When did you created... Continue reading

News & announcements: We're still here, and we're not going anywhere

This has been a harrowing few weeks for me and everyone who loves this site. As you may know, over the last several months we've been experiencing what I would describe as a shocking number of hacking attempts. We fought them off and fought them off and finally, one made it through and covered the site in scary black screens and threatening sounds for a few days. When I managed to clean that up and... Continue reading

News & announcements: International politics and us

A lot of things have happened since I last posted here. When last I gave you an update, I was preparing for a second photo shoot to generate more original images for our tools -- this time, we were lining up models over 60 and under 15 to round out our collections of hands, feet and faces. Unfortunately, a few weeks before the day of the shoot, the photographer I had been working with had a family... Continue reading