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    After putting my own goal of getting to 1000 gesture drawings I finally did it in 1 month. I am quite the procrastinator, so I am quite happy that I didn't quit for a single day during this period of time. I started from 0, because I am quite new to drawing in general and it's my first time trying to learn the basics or fundamentals of art. This 2 images have my gesture drawings of 1 min from when I started 4 weeks ago, and from my last session that ended today. I still have lots to learn, but maybe after drawing another 1000 more I will get better.


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    Your 1000 gesture drawing challenge of yours was very distinguished at all, Choki, yet I've got one tiny request: Why don't you be up for 4000 more 30 second sketches,(4000x30s=120,000s) pretty, pretty, pretty please??? The apprehension is so, that it'll make your line feel like they're always moving and animatable. If you really want to be a traditional ToonBoom animator, then this warm-up is all right for you. Hope and pray that it'll give you a lot of benefits and support.

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    First off, congratulations on setting and completing your goal! As a fellow procrastinator, I can definitely admire this, and applaud you and your efforts!

    onto your drawings...

    You have made progress that you should be proud of. Looking at your first picture, your lines are unsure. You're sketching it out. Which isn't horrible, but it's clear that you're just starting out.

    Fast forward to your 1000th gesture, and the surrounding gesture drawings, your lines are confident, show a flow, a weight. The proportions seems spot on and i can really see the effort you've been putting into it!

    Splendid job, and keep up the great work!


    Hye, congrads! :) the last image makes your sketches look like they have form, fluidity, and are realistic in terms of proportion. Im glad to hear you've given yourself a goal and gotten to it. I hope they've improved your art skills outside of figure sketching too. Since you've gotten the large body proportions perhaps you might want to jump into hand/feet/face expression sketching too, it could serve as a good goal despite your objective being focusing on the large picture. Good luck :))


    Well done on reaching your goal! I can see that you've improved substantially over the month. I would just suggest that you try to connect your lines since it would make the figure clearer. If you really prefer disconnected lines or if you can't connect them all due to a time limit that's fine. Just make sure the general form is clear. Also, consider using fewer lines to make the poses stronger.

    I'm still only a beginner myself, so take the above suggestions with a grain of salt! :)

    Good luck in your future gesture practice. Here's a video that my help you out.

    Also, if you're new to drawing, I'd recommend Drawabox. It's a free online course designed to teach art fundamentals.



    I think that now my drawings are less stiff and I can see why... The problem that I now face is that I think my drawings are to plane. I mean its like my drawings are not so much 3d like I would want them to be and I think that is related to perspective or forms that I haven't practiced yet. I really want to learn how to draw faces, because the ones I keep drawing are almost all the same. Still, tought, I don't want to get to overwhelmed with all this subjects, because the more you learn the more you know how far you're from the point you want to get. Thx for the feedback.


    Thx man!!! But I didn't put the worst ones I did in my last session xD. But now from 10 figure drawings I get 4 that are good enough for me at least, before it was 1 or 0.


    I am gona try my best with the challenge you told me. I am in my fourth day doing the gesture drawings of 30 sc and I am doing 50 per day (could do more, but I have collegue activities that take me time). Some of this drawings of 30 sc are quite bad and some of them are more fluid. Trying not to get pessimist with some of this drawings that makes me want to smash my tablet.


    Wow, I really love your style. Reminds me a little bit of Henri Mattise. You definetley imporved. Keep up the good work.


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