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    After putting my own goal of getting to 1000 gesture drawings I finally did it in 1 month. I am quite the procrastinator, so I am quite happy that I didn't quit for a single day during this period of time. I started from 0, because I am quite new to drawing in general and it's my first time trying to learn the basics or fundamentals of art. This 2 images have my gesture drawings of 1 min from when I started 4 weeks ago, and from my last session that ended today. I still have lots to learn, but maybe after drawing another 1000 more I will get better.


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    There is definitely an improvement from the first picture to the second. I think I will try this challenge too!

    I don't know exactly how to critique this, but I would say keep going.


    Dominant job, Choki, yet I've got one littler request: Would you like to try out 500x2m poses, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please???? The argumentation why you could do this, is because you will draw the most lightest lines. Trust in you and me that it'll give you good drawings.

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    Wow! First of all, congratulations on hitting 1,000 in a month! The improvement is very noticeable. In your second image especially, the fluidity and dynamism of your poses is smooth and elegant. My one suggestion would be to keep in mind the proportions of the body as they relate to the head; in a few of these, the torso or hips appear extra-large. Keep up the great work!


    I'm happy for you achieved 1000 gesture drawings. It will look even better to draw the person's knees or shoulders more protruding. By emphasizing the model's shoulders, waist, pelvis, knees and elbows, you can draw a more structured picture.


    There's a lot of improvement! The newer drawings have a lot more fluidity and are also more clear in what is happening and which way the body is positioned. It looks like you have a really good grasp of the action of a pose and the proportions of the body, I think an interesting next step would be to add in some longer studies so you can have time to study some musculature!


    This incredible imporvement, I can really see the flow of the movement of the gestures and especially with the line weight it really shows your improvement, can't wait to see you at the 2000 mark!


    Great work, I applaud you for hitting your goal!!! I love how freely your lines move. The proportions are good and the feet are staying beliavably on the ground. As the next step I would suggest you do longer poses, focusing on where the light and shadow hits - you can use the beautiful line variation you already have in your pencil in a more effective way by doing a thicker line where there's shadow and a thinner one where the light hits. You could also start shading in the different shapes of the body. Try squinting with your eyes to make out the darkest vs lightest places! Good luck!!


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