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    These are my quick gesture sketches: https://imgur.com/sL2iqZe

    My main focus during these 2 min gestures are the flow and weight of the subjects action. I plan to do more but I want to ask for critique on how to improve my draftsmanship and mindset when doing these studies.

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    Good afternoonn, Zzzzzzzeus, and welcome aboard, I'm Polyvios, but I'm fine, and how are you? Nicest job on your flow of forces, forms and shapes of all of your lines of action in your bodies and constructions, however, they all seem far too rigidest and farthest too stilted to me and my style. How would you like to please go for 6 minutes of 1 minute scribblest attitudes? Because if you go on board for that approach to your quick sketching, then your storytelling in graphics will become the least timidest and the most dynamic, peppy, and energetic. You would and should be able to be the most direct in getting to the points to your narratives. For most details, please look at these two videos down below.

    But if you're absolutely stuck in the aforementioned video above, here's an added bonus video:

    Kindly take these here videos with the even littlest grain of salt, and let's hope they've all helped, supported, aided, and encouraged you and your progress.


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