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    I started recently, i feel like a part of that "something" is missing to do it the way i want, i try 100% not to copy, but i can't find how.

    ps: should I never use ctrl + z? i know it is stupid to ask but i wanted to clarify the doubt.

    p.s2: (I use google translate, sorry if you don't understand me)


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    I think this is really good! I also started recently! And i think that you are doing really well with looking at the poses and drawing what you see. I think my only tip would to keep drawing poses, it seems like you are doing really well! Sorry i couldnt give more helpful critique, im new to this! Nice job!


    i feel like the main point of not using CTRL + Z is to force you to be more deliberate with the marks you put down in a gesture drawing, so if you're a beginner i suggest that you dont use ctrl+z.


    Oh ty ty, i appreciate it, i will do my best!


    Hmmm, even in the drawings that i do? or just in gesture?
    thanks for answering!


    Those are already great ! Though you could give them more exageration and less thinking about anatomical structure if you're trying to capture the gestures.

    I think during gesture drawing you should not use ctrl + z nor eraser since it's just a practice. It's okay to get a wrong line and put down another line instead of undoing or erase them

    Great job !


    Hey, ViciousPony, I must really admire your job of the gesture and line quality of your figure drawings. Way to go on your jobs.

    Say, if you're really new around here, then I'd suggest that, if you really, completely haven't already, those figures of the gestures and constructions are not organic enough. Why don't you please free up your light touches and loose lines with Line of Action's interactive drawing tutorial?

    The reason is because, first of all, it starts with some really quick warm-ups. Second of all, it ends with the sustained poses of the figures. And that's the way it goes.

    Good luck to you and your progress.


    Chloro Phill got it, i hate to see them without the structure, i will try XD
    thanks for the advice!


    Polyvios Animations hallo thanks for answering

    with "organic" you mean to make it more natural? more alive?


    Hi (google translate team !!)

    I really like your drawings! you make beautiful curves with a confident line! I think that a way to improve yourself will be with a better anatomical and morphological knowledge, we feel that in some drawings the proportions or the members of the body are not consistent

    for that here are some references:
    -the series of books "MORPHO" (very good to start)
    -Paul RICHER "artistic anatomy" (very detailed)

    also I see that you only do 2 minute poses,
    I invite you to vary the exercise times, 2min, 10 min, 1 hour, to have time to better capture the pose of the model, add lots of details ect ..

    finally do not forget that you draw a model, then try to observe it a lot, you capture realizing it, do not invent a line or a shape if you do not see it, or if it is not there !!

    I hope this will help you, keep drawings !!


    Petipo Hello! Glad to find someone else like me XD (?)
    I will take into account what you said, although the latter questions me, i always try to portray the pose as best i can but without losing the gesture, can you be more specific? h ow do i do that without trying to copy 100%? :c
    ty for answering! i hope you can answer me


    Dude your pretty much fine but quick sketch drawing is usually meant for sketching in a physical book. Regardless your fine with using ctrl+z since I your confident enough to finish the piece for time runs out.

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