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    Heyo. I'm a high school student soon-to-be art student. Three Months ago I was fully introduced to gesture drawing and the importance of locomotion of the human body. Ever since then, I've been drawing gestures every day and I've certainly improved since day one, but I'm in need of eyes that aren't my own. Any feedback on where to focus and anywhere else in between is very welcome.



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    Hello buddy, your gesture drawings are nice, but if you really want to improve in art you should not only focus on gesture drawing, because gesture drawing to be good needs also solid perspective and form understanding, I'm not really good at gesture drawing but you can check how I do them on my ig https://www.instagram.com/p/CN8L5BWhF23/

    My advice to you is learn perspective and constructing 3d forms and come back at gesture drawing after a while, this way you'll turn off from gesture and come back at it with a new perspective (got the joke? study perspective to get a new perspective, haha ik so funny).

    I hope this was helpful, if you have any other question feel free to ask.


    Yo, thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it tons.

    When you say learn to perspective, are you saying I should start making 3d forms that harmonize with a 3d enviornment? Rather than expression, I should more so focus on the overall structure to help reinforce more believeable figures?

    If you have any good sources based on your suggestion, do tell!


    Nice work on your quicker 30-90 second poses, that's the way to go.

    Again, I feel a little bit of rigidity in some of the LOA (Line of Action) quick gestures. Why don't you please work on giving your lines and forces more than enough freedom of organic lines and shapes, thru 60 minutes of 60 second poses??? (60 drawings)

    The reason why is because, it can help you out on not only your drawing quality, but on the overall speed, and inherent output, you know?

    If you wanna and need to see more of this, look at that link: https://www.google.com/books/edition/Animation/R3VYtdXCGTMC?hl=en&gbpv=1&bsq=quick%20sketch%20exercise It has an important exercise on one, that's extremely useful to your creativity and artistry.

    So I say, good luck, and cheers to you.


    Hey Polyvios,

    I see that you're a very active patron on this site. Thank you for helping myself and others improve their artwork. I'll be sure to focus on the fluidity of the LOA and make a triumphant return.

    TIA for the resources. Good luck on your own endeavors!


    Those sketches look great! You can really feel the dynamism and contours.

    Maybe try being more confident with your strokes. It can be a tendency to "pet" the sketch with many small lines instead of having long smooth strokes.

    Other than that, they look way better than my stuff! Good work!


    Your understanding of torsos is impressive, and your work is expressive. Moving forward, I would suggest focusing on arms and legs and also how they connect to the body, as well as from the shoulders up. Great stuff!


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