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    Hello there. I've been using Line of Action for a while now, but this is my first time posting something for critique. I fear that I might be missing something or straying very far from what a good gesture drawing should be like, so here are my last few gesture drawings for review.

    My main focus has been trying for a strong line of action and correct proportions. I should probably add that my gesture is influenced by Michael Hampton's Figure Drawing: Design and Invention.

    Thanks in advance 😁


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    Hey Amine! Glad you found it necessary to post up your work for critique. You're being proactive, and inching your way closer to gesture mastery!

    Your figures are great! They're fluid, clean, and easy to digest. However I would like to point out the arms in some of the sketches. The arms in many cases deviate too far from the overall gesture and makes some of your figures read as dolls as opposed to animated human beings.

    Luckily from what you displayed it's a rather easy fix! Integrate what you know between the torso/pelvis relation and imagine as if the arms are bendy, cylindrical tubes (like pool noodles!) protruding from the torso. Focusing on the anatomy first without any attention of the flow will result in rigid, inelastic poses. Fluid Forms will make up 80% of the dynamism in your poses, and the remainder are the muscles plastered on top of them!

    I hope this helps. Good luck on your gesture venture! Hope to see you around the block again!

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    Howdy, Amine! And welcome aboard, I'm Massachusetts native, Polyvios, and how do you do tonight? Thanks for doing a greatest job posting your images for critique. And also, a greatest job on feeling your way thru your organic gestural lines in your figure illustrations. Please keep pushing youself far, then farther, and then farthest.

    Yet, as liveliest and easier to digest as those graphic lines look, but these poses, look too mostly like porcelan dolls, yet they should feel and be like animated cartoon human beings. My littlest request is to get the motion and vitality and feeling going with your hand with drawing 10 minutes of 30 second pose warm-up sketches, by holding your graphite pencil underhanded. Would you do that?

    The reason why you could and should do this littlest request is because of two things. First of all is to spend lesser time erasing your unhappiest accidents, with some happiest ones, and second to not overfixate on the details too much, thus getting the strongest range of exaggeration and caricature and sparks of life in your quick sketches. For more info and details, be sure to look at more pose practice material with this link right here! It's from the oldest John K. Stuff blog. It has tons of info and inspirtation. Please look into this useful and practical weblog for some influences on how to sketch for cartooning and animation and art you can't find in your schools. Please take what opinions John said with the littlest grain of salt.

    Hope you'll find this material completely and totally concrete and useful.

    Polyvios Animations


    Just please do the images for gesture drawing practice!


    Thank you very much for replying and sharing your resources, all your advice is duly noted! 👍

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