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    Howdy! Animator trying to brush up on my figure drawings. I think I've improved a fair bit this year, thanks to this site! I haven't posted here before, but I was hoping to get some feedback on some recent figures:

    imgur link: LifeDraw_01

    My work has felt a little stagnant in the last couple sessions. I definitely would like to improve upon making the figures less flat, and convey more movement. Unsure if studying human anatomy in-depth (I stand by the Andrew Loomis books) is something I should be focused on, or if I should continue with these gesture drawings without being bogged down studying anatomy.

    Being an animator, I've spent a lot of time studying the Disney Sample Portfolio PDF to try and improve my own work. Having this level of skill in portraying movement/volume in the figure is one of my goals, but it's not necessarily my primary focus. I know improvement isn't always linear, and I'm not looking to recreate someone else's work! :^)

    REGARDLESS, I'd really appreciate any feedback or critque on my drawings. Getting different opinions on my work is something I really miss about in-person sessions for sure. Thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff!

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    Excellent work and show of your 60 second poses, Lupelie, way to go and as for your recent discovery of your older Disney Sample Portfolio PDF, very inspirational for you and me. Keep up the greater work. One smallest suggestion, I love your quick sketching technique but I'm not getting enough of the broadest strokes of your cartoon drawings and poses. How would you like to free up your dominant and non-dominant arms with 30 minutes of 30 second poses, followed by 1 hour of 29 second broadest sketches? The reason is that so that your poses will become less blandest and more specific and cartooniest as the Scribner drawings in any Clampett cartoon.

    My hat's off to you, and I hope these have helped you out all the time.


    Polyvios, Thanks so much! I really appreciate your feedback! :^) I usually use life drawing to warm up before animating so I don't usually do it for long. When I really sit down to focus on life drawing, I'll try warming up with some 30 sec gestures as you said, before going into some longer poses. It's been a while since I did really long poses too, I should give that a shot. Thanks again!

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