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    Working on a illustration but I'm having some trouble with the anatomy, the figure looks weird to me. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Image link: WIP

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    Hmm with the angle she's in, I'd think that you wouldn't have to put as much definition on her right side since she's in a position where she's bending? Her arms could be thicker, and a little longer. Everything else looks fine in my opinion, but it looks good regardless


    Hi Tzilla,

    Thank you for your feedback, you're right about the arms they could use a little more meat on them. Looking at the image now I feel her legs should be coming to us a bit more and not be in perfect profile. I'll give it a shot. Thank you again.


    Hi, looks good in general but what hit me was the fact that given her arm position her torso and breasts should be turning a bit more toward the viewer and then accentuate the twist it makes with the hips...


    Hi Ninelives,

    Thank you for your feedback, the twist has been giving me problems. I don't really have any reference of a person underwater looking at the camera as the pose I'm creating to go by. I'll keep trying though.

    Thank you

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