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    Hi community,

    I've been practising figure drawing for past 3 months roughly, and I'm definitely a beginner at the moment.

    It was just yesterday when I first learned about Force method- it seemed to be really cool, so I tried and implemented the Force method to how I usually draw any human figures. I think it turned out quite well, but there's always some mistake you can never notice until you learn more.

    So here I am, asking for crituqe and advice from you guys, mainly considering 3 points.

    1. Am I doing the Force method correctly?

    2. Is the line weight allocated properly?

    3. Please tell me how to do better shading, right now I have no idea

    This is the picture I wanna get criticized of;

    and this is the reference photo

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I have no idea what the force method is. The weight of the drawn lines depends on the lighting. Shading depends also on the lighting. Have you investigated the figures provided by Line-of-Action? There are all sorts of figures there and all sorts of lighting. The figure you did is very nice. The shading, hands, feet, etc are very good. In laying in your figure, you might want to use an HB pencil. When you have things set up to your liking, then switch to a 4B pencil. If you want a really dark pencil, I would recommend a Prismacolor Ebony which will provide you jet black. I don't know how your knowledge of human anatomy or bone structure is currently, but you need to make a study of these subjects. A book you might want to check out is:

    "Morpho: Anatomy for Artists" by Michel Lauricella. He has a whole line of related books.

    Another source of models (free) is On Air Video

    Remember: Practice makes better. Consequently, you need to practice, practice, practice.


    Nice job on your first-ever attempt at Force, trex_junior, very beautiful job.

    Now, if I would, if I could help you out one something with your study, it would be these three--even if I'm not really an expert on figure studies (I'm sure)but I'll try and do it.

    1) Yes, this drawing looks like you've been applying the Force properly, in terms of the gestures.

    2) I see your line weights look just as fine to me, but why don't you please vary the line weights, in 15 minutes of 30 second figures, from the Force book?

    3) Love where your are going for - or tried to go for- in your figural shading. However, nice try, but the figure doesn't look and feel like it's shaded strongly yet. Could you please go check this out here.

    The reason is because: a) you'll improve fairly quickly and effectively in your quick sketches in your loose frameworks. b) you'll be a lot more strongest in your line thicknesses, if you go for a softer pencil, like a 4b pencil. c) You'll really get closer to what you want and need to aim for in your sketching.

    Hope they've been completely and totally useful in advance.


    I am not familiar with the Force method, but your drawing looks nice. I think varying the line weight more and having thinner and lighter lines could help create more contrast in the drawing. For improving at shading I think using photographs instead of other drawings helps you understand the light's behavior a bit more. Good job!

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