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    School started, and I haven't been drawing as much as I should. I would like to keep on task, so if anyone wants to exchange pictures every day, that'd be cool.

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    I'd be willing- I'm in the same boat. It would be good to have some motivation to keep me practicing.


    I've been using line of action to do daily reference drawings since the beginning of the week. I would love to jump on board to share daily draws. Suggestions where to post to?


    I'd be up for it. Do any of you have Discord? We could share and chat there.


    Sounds good to me. I just got the app. My ID is CJSchildt.


    I created a server here's the link where we can share pics. It's good for 24 hours. Let me know if i need to create a new invite.


    I'm up for the challenge too. Hi to everybody!
    ID: Irwigo


    we can create a whatsapp group or insta group so we can share and critique our artworks , if anybody is interested in my idea than message me whatsapp- 7073560027


    Hi omveer, We've been using Discord for about a month now to do just this. Here is the link to join us:

    This link shouldn't expire so let me know if there are any issues.

    If anyone else sees this feel free to join us.


    We are still going strong on discord. For anybody new wishing to join follow the link and post some of your recent drawings, digital paintings, or work from your preferred medium to share and/or ask for feedback. See you soon!


    I have a drawing group in kik. I do a lot of figure drawing , join group #drawing777 in kik.


    I would love to be part of the whatsapp group!


    I'd be starting late, but I would love to do this challenge. I am a beginner and really need the practice. This would keep me focused on keeping the pencil in my hand and doing something with it.


    Hello! I'm not sure if you guys are still doing this, but I'm willing to join in.


    I'd be up for it too if anyone's in.

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