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    So I've been pondering on learning to draw for a while and recently decided to try to draw everyday to improve that way, and yesterday marked the first week of drawing. I had mainly been drawing characters from things I enjoy in different poses to try and push my limits and I feel I can put together a decent drawing, but overall I'm kind of struggling with perspective/proportions.This led me to try and practice gesture drawings to help with that, but overall I'm overwhelmed with everything here and don't know what I should even start with. If I could get advice on what I should look for that would be fantastic. Here's two examples of what I've drawn:

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    I'd suggest using references from real life, as characters from video games aren't as proportionate and realistic. Once you understand proportions and how real life bodies work, then you can start going unrealistic. This website has a lot of good references for the male and female body, and they also give you a link for learning proportions. Also remember to use the shorter 30 second timer on drawings so you can focus more on overall proportions and not specific details.

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