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    Hi! So these are the few practice i did today. I'm not sure if 2 minutes is long enough? I rarely do 30-60 seconds because I thought they were too fast. Please let me know what I need to improve on.. : D

    Any feedback is appreciated.. thank you so much!

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    Hey gummyheads these are things I came up with, side note! when I say connected at the clavicle I mean sternum (the pit of the neck), other than that - hope I helped ^^


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    These look great, and I think Line gave you a really great critique already. I will say however that I would encourage you to do the shorter time limits. It forces you to simplify the figure, because you do not have time to think about details. It also forces you to make quick decisive lines.

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    @Line Thank you so so much for the video! It really helps a lot and you made it easy to understand.. thank you : D

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    @madammallow Thank you for the tip :D I'll try to do shorter time limits more often in the future.


    Glad you liked it! :-)


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