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    Hey, this is my first time actually posting on this forum. The site was recommended to me by a friend so I decided to use it for the first time today and am looking for some critique. Normally I only really draw nude figures in class with a live model (and even this is on rare occasions, 3-4 times a year) and only regularly draw people from life (with clothing obviously).
    For these drawings I used a two minute interval for each and I'm not happy with most of them but you learn from each so I don't mind that much. So yeah, some critique would be much appreciated :)

    Small note though, I do realise that my main weaknesses are feet and hands, I really am trying to improve them but it's taking some time. I'm thinking of maybe doing a study on them tomorrow. (this definitely doesn't mean you can't mention this in your critique of course :) everything is helpful). Oh and sometimes the anatomy is also of on 'purpose' to make way for a bit of stylisation, In favour of using a continuous line and because I'm using oil pastel I can't really go back so any line I put down is definitive and that does cause some anatomy problems. I'm still experimenting, trying to find a way to have good anatomy and commit to my lines.

    Anyways... If I keep on rambling I'll never get this done and posted so here are the drawings and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) receiving some feedback.

    Thank you in advance,

    Oh wait! All of these were done with either a chunk of graphite or a black pastel thing. They're also in no specific order,I jump around in my sketchbook and I honestly can't remember which ones I did first etc. (although some of them are noticeably worse than others and I'm sure those were near the beginning as I always need a bit of time to warmup). I'm not using colours because I do have to show these to my teacher along with all of the other life drawings I do and we're only allowed to use black and white. Since I don't own a tan sketchbook (yet) I'm just using black for now.

    Link to drawings

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    Welcome to the forum Kela! I'm glad to see you find our tools useful. :D

    I'm really impressed with your gestures! There's something quite charming and raw about the stylization there, and if you're learning from it then that's the most important thing.

    Is there a particular reason you're using the mediums you use?

    I could probably suggest to start with more broken down gestures at quicker intervals, but I'm curious to understand the reasoning behind the stylization. What goals do you have to work towards with your practices?


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