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    I am not very sure how to post photos so i hope this goes ok

    Get more practice photos

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    one of biggest concerns is that my proportions are always out of wack even when i am looking at a reference


    Hi guijinci!

    I'm afraid I can't see any of the images. Can you try uploading images to a different image host site, for example ?


    They look really excellent


    Thank you!


    These are great, especially the last one with the model on the floor. All of them have good weight and really stand out as individual compositions. Really awesome!!!


    I agree with the others.

    The middle pose in your first picture seems odd at the hip joint. I feel that the back part should be slightly longer


    Thank you so much!!


    Thanks for the critique, IJ, I totally agree

    I will keep that in mind next time:)


    You're up for a good start! Your line work is very controlled and clear. There's room for improvement though. You seem to focus a lot on the contours. I would like to see how you handle the figure in relatively longer time limits, say 3-5 minutes. While 30 sec drawings are a good exercise, especially to warm up, that's too little time to really analyze and understand what the body is doing.


    Thank you! Yes i focus on the shape of the body. I did post a couple longer poses with the same package (there are a couple 1 mins, 5 mins, a 10 min, and a 25 min at the very end of the album)

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