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    So I've been using this site for a few weeks consistently and I've seen rapid improvement. 30 minute and 1 hour sessions will improve your ability to render bodies . awesome. super cool.


    I am into drawing comics. while my human anatomy has improved, my buildings, cars trees or any other objects need help. i'm wondering if there is a way to apply other images besides human bodies to a site or program like this? so i could maybe even load my own reference material in, set the intervals and then practice drawing all types of things, thereby becoming a well rounded comic artist. does anyone know of a resource like that?

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    Hello sktchman!

    I'm happy to tell you that nature scenes and architecture are two subjects that we've been planning to introduce to the site in our tools. I don't have any specifics on how or when at this time, as we've been busy dealing with other life aspects that warranted our focus, but it's still on the table. :)

    I don't know of any resource that will let you load your own materials and set them to timers like we have here, but I hope we can provide you with adequate resources in the future so you won't have to look for one!

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