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    Hey everyone, would love some feedback on my first (not-so-realistic) face drawing. I understand it's not too great, but some help on what I did well / poorly would be great!

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    Hey Riro,

    Great stuff. For a non-Realistic face, You Handled the Anatomic Structure of the Face very Nicely. The lines are very loose and Calm.

    Very great Render.


    Thanks for the feedback back chrisbreen1995, that was really nice of you! :D


    I like it, the style invokes emotion. I'm no great artist to be critiscizing people, but what I notice is a mistake I make a lot myself (might be why I noticed it) the facial features drift to the right as you work your way down, I don't know about you but with me it's from getting tunnel vision an one spot before getting all the shapes and placements right. Try spending a little more time on the placement of shapes, biggest to smallest while working all over the piece in increments so you can notice if something is off before "locking it in with detail" and building everything else off that distorted part. If it's digital you can flip the canvas horizontal periodically, if its a traditional work, (which I think this is) you can check it with a hand mirror to see if it leans to much to one side. When you draw your making an illusion and when you make it from a certain angle or view it may appear to hold up with something just feeling off, but when you look at it in the opposite direction it doesn't allowing you to see what's off. Not sure if I explained that right and hope that helped. nice work!


    Wow, that is awesome feedback - thanks so much 22foxco!

    I completely understand what you're saying; it is traditional work so I will use the mirror idea (I wonder if I can steal one of those make up mirrors from a lady friend). I can relate to what you're saying with the tunnel vision idea, I do quickly get locked down into detailing a part before moving on, this is probably why I loose perspective as you say!

    Apparently we are amazing at telling when something is 'off', but are not often able to articulate what about that thing is wrong.... interesting huh :) Anyway thanks again, that was huuuge help, I'm going to go find a hand-mirror!


    np good luck



    I'm new here so this is my first time giving critique on these forums. But as a fellow artist I love to get other people's opinions on my works, so I guess I could give a few myself. :)

    Anyway, considering your image, I'd say it's definitely a good start to drawing faces. You've got all the proportions down, which is a vital part of drawing a face without making it look too "wonky". What you could now is focus on the facial details, bit by bit, such as the eyes, nose and mouth. I understand here you portrayed a semi-realistic face, but even so, some of its details look a bit off. For example, the nose lacks shading, which makes it look flat. I suggest you spend some time studying how light falls on all the different parts, which would enhance your drawing. Here's a link to get you started:

    I hope I managed to help somehow, and keep up the good work! :D


    Hey there,

    That is fantastic advice, thank you so much! Shading was definitely the hardest part for me, so that is an absolutely awesome reference - many thanks for posting the link! I'll search around for other lighting references and see how I get on with another drawing sometime soon.

    You helped lots, thanks again! Good luck getting critique on your own pieces :D


    Glad I could be of help :) And thanks!

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