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  • #2737 its a figure i made i dont know where to go

    oh hello i want some advice first im a beginner so i wanted to know when drawing geture i dont know how to make the torso like how much size would it take or even with the torso i want to learn how to make the whole human figure with anantomy but first i thought i should start with gesture and now when i draw gesture i dont understand the parts is gesture the first thing in learning to draw the human figure with anatomy or should i learn how to draw the the head , torso,head figure etc in a simple 3d form ? in gesture do you only learn to draw the motion

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    Gesture drawings are more about capturing the actions of the figure rather than the proportions. This will help you to work looser and faster. Use fluid lines working with your whole arm rather than just your wrist. A great technique for creating great gesture drawing is not to take your pencil off the paper. As for drawing the torso, you can work loosly with that it doesn't have to be accurate. Gesture drawings can be as simple as a group of fluid lines or a stick figure. As mentioned before its about capturing the movement the "gesture" not the proportion. I hope this helps.

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    hey Wing, what length of time were you using for this drawing?

    Gesture is only one part of many things you will have to study. It's totally okay to start with gesture practice. You don't need to learn to draw all the details first.

    Have you read these articles?

    Gesture basics #1: Line of action
    Gesture basics #2: Head, ribcage and pelvis
    Gesture basics #3: Joints

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    oh i suppose it took about 1 minute or so and i understand now i mean i need to learn the parts of the body individually and then put them together oh i was thinking like in gesture you just need to make the lines only but now what i think i understand is that its capturing the movement with the parts

    of the body as well

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    so its only about the movment is it not improtant to show the torso or ribcage !


    Hi Wing!

    There's no wrong way to improve, I think the best approach is to focus both on anatomy and gesture. Longer poses are useful to help focus on propotion and figuring out how the different body parts work together. Shorter poses allow you to get familiar with the body quickly and understand the rhythm in the pose. Doing both will allow help you understand the body more and improve your overall drawing skill.

    This drawing is a good start for gesture, It's very fluid and has lovely line quality. I'd try and aim to draw the full body - doing many 30 sec-2 min poses but really focus on getting the whole body in - sometimes indicating the direction of the head and placement of the feet and hands say more about the pose than the rest of body does! My aim for gesture drawing is to really try and understand the overall mood or feeling of the pose, and then try and capture that. It's more important for me to have a drawing that's recogonizable as the pose than to have a decent 'copy' of a photo. Getting cheap pens and printer paper and going out and drawing real people also help me speed up instead of working digitally, but that's just my preference.

    Drawn to life vol 1. 2 and alex woo's gesture drawing course on schoolism are very good resources on getting into gesture.

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    Hi. you should try to learn the anatomy of the body before you do gesture... so when you will try gestures drawing' you will understand how to draw the body in the position corectly...


    you see i went to learning anatomy but when i was just starting prepective came so i didnt know what to do so should i learn shapes and forms and prepective first


    Doing gestures is as much about learning anatomy as it is about how proportions and perspective work! While gestures are limited in what you can learn from them, they're great warmups to progress to more detailed pieces later on.

    I think the best way to decide what to practice is to have a specific goal in mind. It doesn't matter too much what comes first.

    "I want to learn how to connect all the limbs of a person to the torso by doing a 30 minute class twice a week."

    "I want to learn how to capture the motion in a pose better by doing 10 gestures at 60 seconds each three times a week."

    "I want to learn what shapes a body is made of by doing 5 gestures at 2 minutes twice a week."

    Pick one thing to focus on for about a week, maybe two weeks, then formulate a new goal for yourself. You're going to get to all of them eventually, you don't have to fret and feel pressured! Just pick whichever seems the most interesting right now, go for it, and then reevaluate your goal to see what's up next.


    the torso looks irreal, the curve of the back should be smoothier, lower, but it looks great :D keep drawing!


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