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    Hi, I'm really new to all of this life drawing thing, so, I want a critique of the first drawing I did using this exercices

    It was a lot more fun that I expected, but I know this is just the beginning of a long journey to become the artist that I aspire to be. That is why I want to genuine critique...

    (Also, sorry if there is any grammar mistakes, I'm still learning english)

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    This is a good start Candy. First of all, keep in mind that you're attempting to create the illusion of reality on paper. So you need to take into account the 3D space the figure exists in and that the body is constantly working against gravity. The legs and feet are very important for balance in standing poses, so don't leave the feet out. It's like having a building without a foundation for it to stand on.

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    I like it! you understand construction and have a line of action. The only thing I can point out is that the lines seem to be ending at their popo. Try and get the whole body down in 1 stroke. ask yourself: what line would best capture this pose? Also your photos are really blurry so it's hard to critique :/ anyways keep goiiin'


    Something that I’ve started to learn with figure drawing is that it’s not so much about accuracy or even the pose itself, but more so the motion the pose is trying to convey. One thing I’ll start with is exaggeration. It’s much more visually interesting to look at an exaggerated pose than a realistic one (given both should be GROUNDED in reality of course), and, though construction lines and basic shapes are good for pieces, for practice it’s better to just go straight in and try to draw what you see without the shapes as much. Many times a standard basic shape usually used for a specific body part (I.e. a circle for a head) would be less accurate in a different situation (for example, say you’re doing more of a side profile, it’s more of an almost rounded trapezoidal shape when you think about it), and so especially when you want to capture motion it’s really important not to overthink things. Someone else mentioned something really great being that you should try to define a full pose with one like before you start, that way you adhere to the motion more. Remember: figure drawings are meant to be fluid and more idealistic rather than accurate and realistic. Hope this makes sense and hope you continue!


    I'd like to recommend an app to make taking pictures of your art easier, if that's allowed on here. I use CamScanner a lot on my phone. It's free and really great for greyscale/ black and white images, although I've gotten good results with color too. BTW I'm not affiliated with them in any way :)

    Regarding your drawings: I can really sense the movement in the poses. Good job! I'd like to see some weight added to the movement. Include the feet from now on and try to show grounding and balance (in standing poses anyway). The challenge will be avoiding stiffness.

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