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    Hi, I am new to this community, I would appreciate any criticism of my gesture drawing
    I am currently studying the Natural way to draw book by Kimon Nicolaides, if someone has read this book before, I would like to know if this is the right kind of gesture, since he does it like doodles

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    Nicest than nice job on your recent post, Googoodolls132. You're really, really, really, really totally starting to get the gist on what Kimon had tried to say in his book about gesture drawing, you're on the right track on this one. My biggest critique of them all is: Why don't you do a 10 minute session of 30 second sketches (20 sketchesx30 seconds), pretty please? And do you know why?? It's because you'll get the least stiffest and the most lightest and largest lines in those scribbles, and, it's because you'll get the most longest lines of all. Hope you'll find it definitely and extremely useful and beneficial, and essential in your next study,

    Polyvios Animations


    Within the framework of Nicholadie's gesture:

    I would say you are "riding the contours." That's not bad!

    That's just doing more of a modern Line-of-Action kinda draft than his take.

    The reason the natural way to draw isnt popular is IT'S SUPPOSE TO LOOK LIKE TRASH

    Nicho want's you to draw the "energy" with a focus on where the body is springing/ pulling/ moving

    -> Key thing being it goes through and around the body.

    The benifit is that your gestures by being so scribly start finding Rythmn lines ets. To do what Nicho wants you have to scrible all over around and through, let the kind of scrible match the energy, etc. He calls for literally hundreds of 1 minute super scratchy scribbles and WANTS THEM to look embarasing.

    It should look like a tangled mess. If you are getting good ones, start trying to mess it up to scribles again!">

    The ones in the book have the problem that the students "pick" what looks good, etc. The best one is the one above.

    Where it can be confusing is it "reads" like line of action">

    But those extra marks aren't exactly a "unifying line" they are searching lines. Like note the "swirls"

    Your doing fine for gesture, but if you want to do Nicho's gesture the advice is normally "faster, looser, etc" Who cares how it "looks" explore the pose.It really comes through on the dailey compositions, etc. but most people can't keep the schedual/ just browse the book.


    Thank you ,Polyvios Animations, you gave me a time model for my next studies, since I didn't have it defined. i will use it.



    Thanks for the answer, you clarified my doubts about the gestures of the book, I try to imitate the poses before drawing to feel that "energy" that Nicolaides says.

    About the book, will it help me to have a solid start in drawing? Because I have read in forums like WetCanvas that there are users who say that it is the best book, while others mark it as total garbage


    Good job with the line of action in these poses! I would suggest focusing on making definitive, single lines, especially once you start moving on to building anatomy onto your sketches. It's tempting to go over lines many times, i still do this! You have an eye for where the person in the photo is putting their weight though, keep it up!


    Amazing line of work. I would only keep working on the shapes, try a little variety besides of the circles (which you already do great) . But stunning work!

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