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    Im a beginner. I have been drawing for three months now. please help me improve

    this is the link of my work

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    Hey, welcome to the community!

    First, congratz for getting through your first months of drawing! I know how painfull it can be, to learn drawing from scratch and i really hope that you keep will keep going!

    From what i can see, your focus seemes to be getting the overall figure down, you draw circles to show the volumes of the head, ribcage and pelvis and describe the directions of the extremitys. I think this is good so far. To be honest, a year ago i used to draw exactly like you do and thats a perfectly fine way to start with. From here on i think its important to make clear what you want to say with your drawings and when you finde out what that is, you can start working on the expression and the"language". With expression i mean the gesture of your figures, consider working in more expressive mediums like chalk/charcoal/pastel/ink and start to really "go at it" these will also help you to loosen up. Back then i started using charcoal and drawing with it was really fun, your hands get super dirty and the drawings need fixation but its worth it. With "language" i mean the way to convey your expressions, like anatomy, perspective, lighting, shape language, but also gestural lines and so on. The thing with that stuff is, its really like a language, if you know a few words and use them in a smart way, you will be able to say a lot.

    In that regard i think it would help you a lot, if you can show that the figure really stands. Draw them feet and even better would be, to show that there is weight, gravity works on everyone. Another thing that will have tremendous impact on your drawings is, if instead of the spheres you would draw cubes for the ribcage and pelvis. Unlike spheres, cubes show dimension, they have a distinct front, back, up-and down side to them. But be be aware, those cubic forms will make the figure look very unorganic and stiff if there is no gesture in them.

    If your interested in learning more about the things that i talked about: here are two people, who i consider very good artists and teachers


    Soo... i hope what i wrote was understandable, i am not native in english. If you have questions ill answer gladly.

    Have a nice day and keep drawing!


    You are on the right path. As a beginner, it's good to try to construct figures with simple shapes, like spheres, cubes, cylinders, etc. Continue with the gesture drawings. Check Michael Hampton's Figure Drawing: Design and Invention. It's very useful.

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    You are on the right path. As a beginner, it's good to try to construct figures with simple shapes, like spheres, cubes, cylinders, etc. Continue with the gesture drawings. Check Michael Hampton's Figure Drawing: Design and Invention. It's very useful.

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    thank you so much for your feedbacks. i will keep that in mind and follow your advices. and then one day I WILL DO IT !


    Hey, Iwilldoit!
    First of all: You have aready been doing it! To keep drawing for three months is a lot and even if your drawing is not hyperrealistic it shows us what you are representing: through your drawings I am able to see what poses these models are doing.
    I think one minute drawing, or even fifteen, means abstracting lots of things of your object just as you did, however, when I draw, I prefer trying to achieve the actual contour and shape of what I draw instead of creating geometrical shapes into the contour of my subject. When it's applied to one minute drawings, it means abstraction most of the time, but trying to get the shape's contour is a good way to quick your croquis.
    In your drawings that last longer (5-7min) , I have noticed two things: (1) you withdrew your pencil of paper many times trying to achieve the best contour and (2) you put a flat pattern to fulfill hair and fabric. First of all: keep looking to what you are drawing, when you look at two things at the same time you are not looking to any of them (probably you are looking more at your sketch than at the object you are drawing); and, about the pattern in the hair and in the fabric, to creat a tridimensional sensation it's better doing the lines flowing through the shape, when you draw straight lines your drawing gets flattened, it's not a graphic problem, but if you want to creat an illusion of 3D it's better to replicate the way the shadows are, and they follow the objects' shapes.

    I'm also not native in English, but I hope you understand me. If you don't I'm avaible to make myself clear. Your drawings are very good, thank you to share your art :)

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    Nice job posting, iwilldoit. Nice job, but I've got one even much more smallest request: Why don't you do a practice session of figure sketches at 31 seconds each, pretty please? The reason why you could do this is because you'll be even much most confident in your gestures and get more funnier drawings that way. Hey, why don't you do some 30 second sketches based on some drawings by Franquin? So if you drew some studies of Franquin, you'll learn much more about drawing funny. Can you do that pretty, pretty please?

    Polyvios Animations


    thank you for your feedbacks. i will take that into account

    i will post more work.


    Your 30 second drawings are great - it's nice to see that you are focusing on finding the line of action, major volumes and joints. Your 13 min and 5-7 min drawings seem a little more stiff. Remember to stay focused on the motion of the figure, rather than nailing down the outline. It may help you to draw these longer poses on larger paper with longer lines (move from your elbow/shoulder rather than the wrist). Keep it up 👍


    For three months, that's amazing. I've been drawing for three years and it took me a year to even think about proportions, let alone make something that wasn't a stick figure with more head/hair than body. I would suggest trying lots of different styles and media and make sure you understand the basics first before trying to draw really hard stuff like 100% realism. I did not understand some basic things and tried to draw really hard stuff and it made me think that I couldn't draw and would never be a good artist. Try to get as much constructive criticism as possible and draw every day!!!! Drawing every day really helps you practise and keep your skills sharp, and you don't have to make a complete piece, just a sketch or doodle is fine. "A doodle a day keeps the art block away!"(for me at least drawing every day helps make art block go away faster) If you do end up with artists block lookup drawing tutorial on youtube or get someone to give you a random prompt to draw. Also, if someone asks you to draw them for free or to look through your sketchbook, you don't have to. Best of luck!!

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    Your base drawings are great, you've got the line of action, joints, and primary shapes down. When you add contours, though, allow them to flow with the line of action, allow them to become that motion and they'll become less stiff, then when you get into the anatomy later you can begin doing more accurate and detailed shapes

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    This is just a suggestion but try to leave some space under the rib cage- what I mean is that on the third page try to make her waist thicker- also- this is just an idea and you're doing amazing- try to remember that when drawing someone from the side- 4page- try not to make the person's back go in on itself. Hope your safe.

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    Good start. In the quick sketches, you make it pretty clear where the hands are, but what about the feet? I would also investigate other types of drawing such as contour drawing. You don't want to get stuck just using one "formula" to make figures.

    A. M. Schaer

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    thanks a lot foryour feedbacks

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