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    Hi. I had a fun session the other night. These are all done on A3 size newsprint with a myriad of different brush pens and markers. A half dried up brush pen gave me the best result but I think I will try to stick with graphite pencils or Conté next time. It was funny going through this because I didn't realize that I had done the same pose twice until posting this (13a and 13b). If you have any thoughts after seeing these I would love to hear it, especially if you commented or saw my earlier gesture post. Thank you!

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    Wow! That's a really sweller job on your gestural drawings, Thestripper! These would all look great on your portfolio!!

    Well, if I could provide you with a couple of critiques, then it would be that for two things: 1) I love the gestures and action-packed impact of each and every pose, keep working on them. 2) I feel some of the flow on some of the feet and hands on the 30 second poses are way off. Why don't you please loosen and free yourself up with this interactive drawing demonstration?????????

    The reason why is, though it's for the newbies here in this website, then it's worth a shot for you. And another reason, is to help you out on making your poses, feet, and hands less stiffer, and more dynamic, exaggerated, vital, and energetic. My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these completely and totally beneficial and newsy.


    Hi Polyvios.

    That's good critique from you. I'm not a total noob, but I am still a noob so doing some feet and hand gesture sessions will hopefully help. I tried it the other day and the resultting sketches were, well... It's evident that I have ways to go, to put it gently.


    Hi ya!

    These are great! You've got a solid line of action for each pose and I'm getting a very clear idea of what each model is doing. I can see that you are thinking about the rhythms of the body by showing the stretch and pinch on your poses, as well as guidelines showing the roundness of the figure in space. Gestures for me have started to be my time to not worry about nailing down every single thing in the pose. Short gestures are for communicating the idea of the pose, and if your proportions are off or if you can't "finish" the figure then so be it. Longer drawings and studies help you work out those details. Of course the more you practice the more information you see and can share with the viewer in a shorter amount of time. After coming to this realization I really love gesture drawing and I really enjoyed these. Thank you for sharing them.


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