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    I am new here and just finished a 30-min class to work on my gesture drawing. I would like to improve my overall dynamic figure construction as I feel like my drawings are stiff and lack movement/line energy. I also have trouble keeping my sketches small after putting down the line of action.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    We have the same bad habit of using too many lines in our sketches! :D

    Don't get me wrong, some extra exploratory or constructive lines is good in early drawing stagesm, but we tend to end up with a lot of them. Struggling to commit to a few stronger lines. I don't really know how to get rid of the habit other than being aware of trying to draw cleaner.

    To end with the good: Very nice flowing shapes and good proportions!

    Keep it going!

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    Great job! Here's a tip for getting rid of that habit. Try using a pen instead of a pencil. Using a pen will force you to be more thoughtful and help increase accuracy instead, thus reducing the amount of lines you would normally put down. Good Luck!


    Thank you Eirik87! I do notice that I start overthinking while sketching and probably questioning what I am doing. I will work on being more aware of this.


    lkimacy, thank you. It makes a lot of sense. I will take your advice!


    wow and yes this is what this site is all about...the lines of action is there, please keep posting your progress for us.

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