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    Anyone know any sites that do art critique? Ive been praticing everyday on my art but havent had someone point out what problems im having currently. I wish i could post my art on here but cant. I have a artfol and instagram where i mainly post my art.
    https://www.instagram.com/sunk9ller/ - insta

    https://www.artfol.co/sunkiller - artfol

    Hopefully this dosent come off as self promo, but if theres anything I should focus on and work on that would be great.

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    Hi! I think the best thing to start off with is what are your particular goals? What kind of style are you wanting to go for? Are you wanting to work on anatomy or looking to work more on your coloring and shading?

    From just a general first impression of your work, I like it! You're characters are very expressive and I can see that you're pushing your anatomy knowledge by putting your characters in dynamic poses. One thing I will say is maybe play around with different body shapes and facial fetures. Some of your OC's are a little same-face/same-body which is not the end of the world, lots of artists go through that, it's part of the process but just keep pushing to get out of that comfort zone. But your style is really fun and has a lot of energy to it

    If you wanna keep talkin' shop, let me know


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    Sites doing art critique? Not really so far. There are some set up to encourage community critique, like this one, and I am here and a few others to try to develop it into a lively community. But I am not an arts teacher, I only play one on the interwebs :)

    The problem with getting free critique is, that a lot of beginners are too shy to post their opinions, the intermediarys feel like they are doing something wrong, when they post basically the same tipps over and over again to different beginners, and the pros are somewhat too posh to give critique for free. Unless they are doing a promotion for their stuff, they want munies for their attention.

    Buuut, as I said, I think this here site has the potential to develop into an actual community, if people just encourage each other to post their drawings, but also to critique them and debate general ideas about art and technique.

    To the works you have posted:

    Pro: Your stuff looks beautiful and expressive. My guess is, that you started copying one or two artists you enjoyed, and then you clearly kept at it, experimented how to expand on it, and found great solutions for yourself. Your lines are clean and decisive, you understand how important it is to effectively simplify forms, your shapes and outlines are extremely effective at communicating ideas.


    a) You post a whole arts gallery to critique all at once. If this site had better emojis, I would post a line of tokens of me breaking out in tears. If I tried to do every entry in your gallery its due service, I would have to spend days, and produce walls of text, that I don't want to write, and nobody wants to read. Please find a solution to point out clearly which specific image or small series of images you want critique for. Maybe there is a good tool for that on the sites you already use, if all fails, just upload something to imgur.com and post the link here

    b) From my guess about your arts background follows a potential future hurdle for you. These artists you admire, they very likely have way more of an academic background, than their stylized end products let easily show. Art fundamentals like perspective, human figure, posing, line economy, stylization techniques, shadowing, color theory, etc... They just effortlessly apply it and have developed it into their very own, very personal style. Backward engineering these fundamentals solely from analyzing their styles is close to impossible, which will make it very hard for you to expand on your experience from copying them.

    This here site, line-of-action.com is mostly centered around one specific tool that is rooted into that academic approach to a degree, the timed gesture studies, and so a lot of people here follow that academic approach. I highly advise giving it a try, and just start a 30 minute class and see what happens. First attempt will most likely feel frustrating and strange, so post your results and ask around, what that was all about. You will hear a lot of tipps, that sound similar, so I will right away point you to a source, that explains and demonstrates a lot of the thoughts behind studying poses very well: the "Human Figure Fundamentals" course on proko.com There is a premium version, that asks for a lot of money, but you don't need that, just do the free version for now. The style Stan Prokopensky is aiming for is vastly different from your current style, but don't shy away immediately. I think you have enough artistic experience by now to extradite the basic informations you will be getting, and incorporate them into your own style.

    c) Please, please, please, stick around, and share your experience with others by doing critiques. With your different style and approach you might not be too certain how to critique a beginner or intermediary, that is certainly trying something, that you yourself haven't tried yourself by now, and so you don't know what to tell them. Here is my two step approach to critique: First, look at whatever they have done, and try to find out what you like about it, and tell them. Second, try to understand, what you personally would have tried differently and why, or what they should focus more on practising in their next attempts, and tell them that, too.

    There is also a forum here, where you can tell others about your current art project, what you are trying to accomplish, what you are struggling with.

    To repeat my answer to your initial question: Anyone know any sites that do art critique? Not now, but hopefully this site here in the near future, and hopefully with your help and experience, too!

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    I mainly wish to focus on improving on my anatomy, shading and lighting the most. Havent been too focus on getting my style that much lol.

    Ive recently noticed ive been having a same face look for awhile, such as one of my ocs who is 30 yet looks exactly like another oc of mine whos 16 XD so yeah trying to get out of that ordeal. Still trying to get better at drawing muscler body types though get confused when it comes to the torso :/. Ill focus on that next week so thx!!!


    I specifically wanna focus on getting better at shading, lighting and anatomy. Heres some semi old art i did back during summer and August or September.


    Also thanks brining up Proko, I always wanted to follow how they do they're stuff alot. And i'll try to give out critqiue from your advice thank you :)


    Wow, a lot of that stuff is just goood, starting with a very effective selection of references, super clean and deliberate lines and shapes, etcetera... You clearly know quite a few things I haven't even touched on on my own arts journey,

    The "what would I do differently" part will be getting really hard with you, as I feel most of the stuff, I couldn't do at all. Two thoughts are in my mind right now.

    First one, the stuff you present on your artfol and instagram looks like fanart from a very dedicated and talented intermediary, which taught herself a lot, but is maybe lacking in a bit of technical foundation, this stuff looks really pro in comparison. Artfol/instagram sunkglier is copying a lot from other people's work, clear manga references, some comics in daily strip quality. What you show from imgur looks much more individual and shows a ton more skill, than your "public presentation" lets on.

    What you might want to change is thinking a bit about the foot you put forward to introduce yourself, and to start with the greatest hits first.

    Second one, digital media has some very effective functionality to smoothly blend colors and values, but I feel you should step on the break with that a lot. a) you use it so hard, that it looks like you try to hide own flaws behind technical gimmickry, and b) you know shapes, you know lines, but if you just mush with the hardcore softener tool over everything, you lose a lot of message.

    Try designing the shape of the individual colors and values in your draft, and then let those shapes stay alive and tell people about your skill in designing them, about which planes and forms they represent on the subject you are working on. Maybe try limiting your color palette to, I don't know, exactly 8, or 16 or at most 32 colors, or some number like that, and don't allow yourself any blending at all between those colors.

    That way your personal skill will be way more prominent on display than your ability to repeatedly hit the "smooth it out and blend it all together" button on your machine. If your technique holds up, it will look absolutely stunning, if your technique runs into a wall, then at least you discover areas for yourself to work on.

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    Hello, Sunk9ller, and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios Animations, and how are you doing? Great job on your lines of action and rhythm and anatomy in construction of the OCs. I just totally love the amount of effort and incentive in your drawn designs. Keep up the great works. But, I'm still self-aware that the anatomy is still too stiff on your fluidity of the poses and bones and muscles. How would you like to please draw more underhandedly but more from your non-dominant hand, but with our interactive drawing tutorial here on our here on our site?

    As a result, if you please could loosen up your hands and shoulders, then you could and would be able to get loose and light shapes and lines in your contructed anatomy. You're not here to make a pretty drawing, you're here to draw to make the paper and canvas go away. Kindly look into the Walt Stanchfield book Vol. 1 here, too.

    Good luck from us to you. Merry Christmas.


    Practiced a bit today with my non dominant hand while following ur tutorial:) I attempted one on my own today, how does it look? https://www.proko.com/s/nAgq


    Lol, took me a moment to understand what is going on with the chain whip (?). The foundations for head, ribcage and hips looks good, and I like the clean outlines you settled with.

    The pose is leaving some questions unanswered for me.

    From the position of the shoulder joints I would expect the ribcage to be pointed more towards the viewer, but it's cornercase. The way the upper arm reaches behind the head looks uncomfortable, though.

    Ribcage and hips are oriented towards each other almost in a straight line, which rarely happens, unless someone is standing calmly and straight up, and I have trouble believing it should be really that way in such an extreme pose. You sure the torso isn't bent or twisted at all? I would have to see a reference of an actual human being in such an extreme pose to decide. There are some quite weird martial art stances, but this one isn't coming together for me physiologically.

    The legs are markedly uneven in proportion. I assume you tried to forshorten the leg, that holds the bodyweight, but even then it is too short. Here my doubts about the position of the hip come up again. If the knee of the support leg pointed outwards instead of forwards, that would make more sense in regards to the straight hip, and I am not sure, whether it is possible to end up with both feet on the same line.

    With the extended leg, both upper and lower leg are each almost longer than the entire torso, which is just too long, and makes the problem of the way too small support leg even worse. If it worked, I could chalk that off as a stylistic decision, but it doesn't. Not in the stark contrast with the other leg.

    About the overall pose, well, as I said, some martial artists and ballerinas can do rather improbable looking poses, but I wouldn't suggest focusing on those for practice right know. Not when working from imagination or from a manga/comic book reference. The more extreme the pose is, the more your understanding of physiology and anatomy has to be on point, to disperse any doubts. If you find a photo or video of an actual martial artist in such a pose, that would be an interesting study, but to just make it up you lack a bit of graphical "authority".

    For a while, I would avoid the combination of straight torso and extreme pose also for a very practical reasons: it is one super typical beginner's mistake to by default draw the torso straighter, than it is on any reference. When you are drawing from imagination, I would rarely trust a straight torso. Emphasize the bends and twists between hip and ribcage a lot, to end up with more dramatic poses. This is also where the whole "line of action" concept comes in, as head/ribcage/hip generally tend to follow and emphasize that line.

    If you would want to repeat this exact pose and "fix" it, my first suspect would be to give the position of the hip a very good second thought. I think if the hip would be placed more naturally, you would also find more convincing positions for the leg joints and legs.


    Yeah I mainly relied on my imagination for this one so yeah didnt use amy reference for this one. Might as well fix it another time when i get better understanding how bending torso works with more practice and use refernces more often. Also thx man!!


    I read my last reply again, wasn't happy with it. It's not about "stay away from extreme poses, until you eaten your vegetables and done yor studies". The true message has to be: "Twist that torso, darn it!"

    The idea of the whiplash pose is to show how much potential tortion energy is built up for that strike. And the best muscles are the biggest muscles are the torso muscles. So, I woke up this morning, with the burning urge to test out what the maximum twist I could get away with,... after 30 attempts I settled with this pose... (the upper shoulder still beats me. There has to be a correct and convincing way, to depict it as actually stretched to the max, but my shoulder anatomy knowledge fell short)


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