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    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

    I've been struggling to understand the 3-dimensionality of the ribcage (in example 1, the arm in the background feels wonky), as well as generally struggling with muscles. What steps should I take to overcome these hurdles?

    Example 1

    Example 2

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    I think main reason you can't understand the 3-dimensionality of a ribcage is because you aren't projecting a 3-dimensional ribcage on the paper!
    Since those are quick sketches, quickest way to get the feeling of the third dimension is to introduce cross contour lines to your drawing. That, along with simplified shapes (e.g. egg/box shapes instead of pelvis and ribcage, cylinders for hands, etc.) to later build anatomy on top of that should help you capture the feeling of depth and 3-dimensionality!
    Hope this helps, good luck to you!

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    Woahh okay! My brain just exploded haha. I'll definitely work that into my next drafts! Thank you for the feedback ^^


    Yes. Drawing shapes is important. I would watch ArtSkills Drawing Life. Her advice is spot on.


    Good morning, Cinnomin, greater job on your overall proportions and bones and muscles of the general human figures. Very good and greater job indeed.

    But, I've got to ask you one question: Where are your general studies of the muscular system? How would you like to do some 5 minute and 2 minute studies of the human muscles? The reason why you could do these gestural studies because, you'll be able to not make a perfect product right away, and you'd better focus on quantity of quality practice, particularly your studies of the human muscular structures, plus, it's a lot more fun. Here's this little link on 3d muscles. Yet, it's normally for the medical audience, but still, it's a bit more indepth than the artistic anatomy. If it looks a bit too overwhelming to you, then check out the Anatomy for the Artist book available on Amazon. (The new edition just came out months ago) Hope it's been extremely helpful, encouraging, and informative.


    Thank you for the advice everyone; YRD for unearthing that gem and Polyvios for recommending that resource! :)

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