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    Hey, Line of Action, I've got a problem. Today, when I was done typing my description, of my image that I've done that day, it started uploading, but it really crashed, and not even uploading. Please, fix it!

    And also, I'd like to thank you for the website and some newest photos.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Thanks for the repairs.


    Hello, have been using this great site on and off since 2018 when my uni teacher suggested it to the class, out of uni now and have been using it consistently for past 3 weeks and thoroughly enjoy my progess and love everything about this site.

    I would just like to mention there's a strange bug where if you are doing a class mode and skip past a break (I think this is what causes it) the timer goes down faster than it should? I was doing a 6 hour class today on hand studies, I was on a 50 minute section, and had accidentally tapped something on my keyboard for it to end up skipping past my ref image I was about 30 minutes into using. I ended the class, started up a new one to move onto the 45 minute break, skipping through previous breaks to reach it. When that break was over, the next studies (the six 30 second drawings), were passing by much faster than 30 seconds. Apologies if this has already been noticed by others and mentioned here or in another thread but I just wanted to mention it as I can't complete my class with the broken timers.

    Thanks for reading!


    Oh, thanks for the hint on where to look for that! I'll see if I can track it down :)


    Hi Kim,

    Forums "Critique" and "Practice & advice" have a couple of spammers.


    Thanks! I've been mostly out these past two weeks running an event, but I'm back and kicking yet more spammer butt.

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