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    Hello all,

    I've done another Mannequinisation study. I'd appreciate it if you gave some feedback/ critique when you have the chance.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hey Rosenhips! Looks like something went a bit funky with your message there, the image didn't show up and hid the rest of your post. Can you try reposting the image? :)


    Hello Sanne,

    I've tried re-posting the image again, but it seems to still be hidden, along with the little caption.


    Fixed for you. The only thing that should be inside your img tag is the number of the image. :)


    These are really good, proportions are there, direction and form. Supergood! The connection between the head and neck on the far right one is a bit strange. How much anatomy are you studying?


    Hello Line. I've just started studying anatomy, as it's one of my weaknesses, including extreme angles like the one you pointed out. I'll pay more attention to those areas in the future.

    Thanks for the feedback.


    Thanks for the edit Kim.



    Nice work on these =). You got the torso and the legs pretty well, proportions are also better than the first time.

    The biggest issues I can find with the second batch are:

    1)The necks, which are a bit too tick, try to make them a bit slimmer.

    2) The arms are well done and proportioned, the only issue is the way you connect them to the torso which is a bit too stiff. You have to understand that the "sphere" on the top of the arm is a semplification of the soulder, but they are not really "locked" on the torso and they are free to move to a certain degree. So when you raise the arm over the head or to a horizontal position, you have to put the sphere higher and move it around.


    Thanks for the feedback and sketch Mike. I'll make sure to keep that in mind when drawing the arms that way.



    Another mannequinisation study, featuring overweight, skinny and muscular

    body proportions.

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