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    Going to make this so I'll force myself to start doing it more regularly (`-`)

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    the overall figures are quite nice, but it seems you have no line of action and your lines are very short and connected together, which makes them feel a bit stiff, try having more wavy, curvy lines to capture more of the feel of the pose and not the outline of it.

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    Thanks for the feedback!! For the hands, I'll try to focus less on the outline and more of the gesture. Since it's only 30s so I tend to end up just capturing the outlines of the hands instead TuT. But for the line of action, I did do it for the bodies but it usually ends up being the spine of the figure so you probably thought it was the outline. Just so you know :'D


    Yesterday's 30s facial expression gesture drawings. I'll do more lengthier gesture drawings in the future :')


    I couldn't upload as often because of school now, but I'll still to keep up with my daily practices, gotta keep working hard TuT

    Here's one where I tried to focus on the shapes rather than the outline itself, it was pretty difficult and I can't seem to figure out how people manage to get their shapes so smooth but mines ends up wonky.

    Some 1-2 min facial drawings, sorry for the poor lighting in this one

    30 seconds figure drawing, trying to do more concise curves


    My 30s practices I did for last week and this week. It's hard to keep up with gesture drawings because of school. I tend to just collapse right after school ends :') I need to stop this bad habit so I can do more (T-T o)

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