My goal is to draw 1 hour per week. But it is hard.

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    i renew the link (maybe i deleted accidentally), thank you for all the comments!

    My job and studies give me a lot of pressure recently, and my body shut down. I mean something wrong with my Endocrine system, i just back from the hospital.Life is pretty tough and full of bunch of garbage, and i think drawing is a way to balance life, or maybe a way to escape a little bit. I will go back to work tomorrow, wish i will have enough time and energy to draw (and so does every art lover).

    My English is not good. Hope you guys know what i mean:)

    (click the link to my Drive, i will upload my latest practices)




    Hello everyone~~ new here

    My goal is to draw 1 hour per week. But it is hard.

    I'm self-taught, please give me some feedbacks so that i can improve my skill:)

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    Hi Wentungtung,

    Maybe you could find a partner do draw with, it might help motivate you and help each other be accountable to the schedule. Other idea would be to break you hour up into small segments of time. Maybe 15mins. or give yourself an project to do, and you have to work on it everyday for a few minutes. ask yourself why is it hard for me to draw if I like it? Is fear keeping you from your intention to draw? Sometimes questioning the emotional response will lead to understanding and then when we understand something it makes it easier to do what needs to be done. I hope this helps. Your friend in art,..B


    Nice job on posting your link to an album,wentungtung, but, you could've posted a drawing on it or two, cause I totally don't see it at all. Sorry, wentungtung.

    Polyvios Animations.

    P.S. Keep really trying to the end.


    I love the way you colouring your drawing. But maybe you should learn a bit more about human anatomy. It seems that you 're copying the shapes and "lines" from the photos without structure. Your drawing will be more convincible if you knew the structure behind these shapes and lines. Also the perspective

    my personal advice


    i m a beginer so i don't know if i can something other than very good work. it won't help you that much because you want to improve, but as i am now i can only say that.


    i have renewed the link so that u can check it again:)


    You have a very nice fluidity to your figure drawings, and I love the exaggerated figures! I second Kraven's advice, but keep your loose and free line :) It seems that you have done more figure sketching than faces, which is fine. Depends on what your goal with art is. Right now it seems like the figures and the faces are drawn by two different people xD Like one is shy and one is confident.


    I'm really enjoying seeing the range of different exercises and studies you are engaged in!


    Hello Wentungtung

    Take it easy, if an hour per week is hard, try doing something a little bit ligther, like half and hour, and with time you'll be able to gradually increase that time and even surpass the hour in the future. It's okay if at first you are not able to draw as much, it also happened to me so i know the feeling xd

    At the beggining I used to draw like half an hour per week. Now, two year laters, I'm drawing much more than that. In my experience, the key is to be pacient with yourself and be really gradual with this kind of things, triying to suddenlly multiply the time you spend at drawing all at once could lead you to some burnout.

    Hope this helps you.


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