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    A list of features we are planning to add to the site, mostly in no particular order:

    * In-class tips and focusing goals Added 10/9/2018

    * Doodlers and Full subscribers can choose to be forwarded directly to the image upload page after a practice session, with their current practice goal and the study time intervals they were working with already pre-filled into the description of the uploads... Automatic critique requests, just upload your work and hit go! Added 9/12/2018

    * Even deeper filtering for the practice tools: Want to only study people who are sitting down? Exclude images that feel too glamorous? Only draw birds seen from behind? Stay tuned.

    * Ads for non-subscribers -- doodlers and full subscribers won't see these, but soon non-subscribers can help support the site's continued upkeep and improving by seeing a few ads.

    * Timezone account setting, so all timestamps and day starts will look right to individual members.

    * More work done on caching - this isn't exciting or sexy, but it will help to keep the site speedy and strong for years to keep up with our growing community! :)

    * Adding back the book resource suggestions

    * Ability to filter the study store (Criteria like by tool, hide already purchased or full member-accessible, etc.)

    * Photographer credit management - so you can update your portfolio link on your submitted photos whenever you need to, or even have multiple credits (For example, if you want to include the model's name in the credits for some photo bundles as well)

    * Greyscale mode for the study tools (subscribers only) Added 9/17/2018

    * Flipped mode for the study tools (subscribers only) Added 9/17/2018

    * Search tools for the forums

    * Add 1.5 hour class

    * Better pause for the tool countdown timer while the loading spinner is displaying

    * New study tool: environments (indoor and outdoor)

    * New study tool category: filter by age range

    * Pay for photo bundles with Paypal Added 11/5/2018

    * Pay for subscriptions with Paypal

    * Pay for photo bundles with Alipay

    * Pay for subscriptions with Alipay

    * "First class" that introduces the concepts of gesture practice

    * On a person's LoA anniversary, send them their oldest sketch of the year and their latest sketch of the year to see their progress.

    * Adjust which book resources are recommended based on user's goals

    * Blocking other members from sending you PMs, responding to your forum topics, or commenting on your images

    * A more streamlined system for us to be able to send photographer payouts

    * Push notifications! Want to be nagged to get your study in? Want to know right away when someone has left feedback on your critique requests?

    * Non-intrusive reminders to review your practice goal if you haven't changed it for four weeks or longer Added 11/7/2018

    * Subscribe/unsubscribe from our mailing list from your account page

    * Better email settings

    * Ability for users to delete comments on their own images

    * Ability to design your own class-lengths with custom pose lengths and breaks (full subscription members only)

    * More streamlined method of requesting refund on photobundles

    * Add last message date/time to inbox Added 11/7/2018

    * Categorization of sketchbook images

    * Easy method for users to delete own account

    Stuff being considered that may or may not get added

    * Social authentication, like logging in with your Google or Facebook account

    * Experience points? Levels of some kind? Maybe we'll just run a Habitica challenge! ;)

    * Site translations to other languages? Portuguese, Mandarin, Dutch and Japanese might be our biggest demand, looking at our analytics data. We do have volunteers who have mentioned maybe helping with translations to German and Spanish, as well, however.

    * Allow purchasing gift-vouchers for subscription time? Might be nice around the holidays!

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    Greyscale mode and horizontal/vertical flipping of images has been added this morning as a feature to the drawing tools for members with a full subscription. :D


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    More filtering tools just went into beta - they are currently only available in the Figure Study tool, and only to people who have a doodler or full subscription. I'm pretty excited about this one -- it's been a long while in the making.



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    Just crossed timezones off the list!

    * Timezone account setting, so all timestamps and day starts will look right to individual members.


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    Crossed a number of things off the list this morning, including...

    * Pay for photo bundles with Paypal

    * Add last message date/time to inbox

    * Reminders to review your practice goal if you haven't changed it for four weeks or longer

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