Portrait of lisa from blackpink, please criticise my rendering of face,thank you so much!

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    The face itself is super well done. Your lines emphasize natural shapes and depict clearly readable emotion

    You avoided the trap that I constantly run into to overemphasize details, and you keep the different shades very distinct. Super clean brights, smooth transitions to shadows.

    The eyelashes could possibly be more expressive with a bit more detail, and I would probably have chosen sharper lines around the iris and the light reflections inside. Eyes are just such a natural focus point for the viewer, a bit of extra bling there can improve the whole image a lot.

    The neck looks quite spotty, like you ran out of gas drawing it. That's less a problem for the shoulders, were your decision to keep the texture somewhat abstract makes graphically sense and looks deliberate, but with the neck, especially the shadow right under the chin looks unfinished.

    The hair isn't bad, but I would advise to get a bit more daring with it. First, you aren't under such pressure to measure correctly as when you depict the features of the face (if the nose is a half inch off, the face will look like a super mutant, if a hair quill is positioned differently, no one will ever notice), and second, healthy hair are shiny, so they have a lot of contrast between shadows, mediums and highlights. I always find it quite easy to get hair to pop really voluminous by chosing nice, simple, but wavy, shapes for the highlights and darkest shadows and then eyeballing the rest in.

    On the other hand, the way you draw the hair looks more subdued, which has the benefit of leaving more prominence to the face itself, so it is ultimately a style choice.

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    Hello, Kim Zanni.

    You know, I think you're doing the greatest job on making the prettiest face in the most interesting facial expression and angle. However, I'm still not getting enough of the most forceful expressive and emotional lines of action and rhythm in terms of the head and facial anatomy yet. How would you like to please go for our interactive drawing tutorial here on our site?

    The arguement behind this is to do this, gesture drawing is done to not only to draw as quickest as possible, but to capture or record the flexibility and elasticity of the facial expressions and others that you can draw.✍️ It's not to merely make a perfect drawing, but to just be able to record the motion and fluidity of your facial drawings and more. For most details, look into the Vilppu Drawing Manual here and the Walt Stanchfield books as free PDFs all here.

    Let's hope they've all helped you out.


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