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    Hey guys,
    first of all I want to say that line of action is such a great website. I've been using it since 2012 and I can really recommend it to anyone who wants to get better at figure drawing.

    What is this post about? Whats the challenge?

    16 days ago one of my friends pushed me to start sketching everyday. So I decided to draw and upload a sketch a day for at least 100 days. I'm not gonna lie, the first few day were hard because I kept forgetting about it or I had a busy day or I didn't feel like drawing and so on and so on. Truth is, there will always be a reason not to start sketching if you're looking for one. That's normal. The trick is to push yourself, just start that 30 minute class mode and get drawing. The first line is always the hardest one to draw, I promise. From then on, welcome to the world of fun and progress. Because that's what art is.

    Funnily enough I found "The 100 project" from 2012 in the forums before I decided to write this post.

    It was a similar challenge
    Make sure to check it out for inspiration.

    How long?

    First of all you have to decide on how long you want to do this. I created three modes and it's up to you to pick one.

    Easy Mode: Do this challenge for 30 days.
    Normal Mode: Do this challenge for 100 days.
    Hard mode: Do this challenge for 365 days.

    However, if you choose easy mode and then finish your 30 days you can still enter normal mode. Just try to do this for at least 30 days.
    For example, I chose normal mode, I'm doing this for at least 100 days, just to try it out but I really want to do this for 365 days because that would be really cool and such a great way to fill some sketchbooks. You can start whenever you want. Its completely up to you.
    (By the way: It takes 66 days to form a habit. Keep that in mind)

    What to Draw?

    Well, obviously you can use this website since you're already here. I mainly used Line of action so far. But it's really about what you want to improve in.
    I try to change topics every week to keep things interesting. In week one I did figure drawings, in week two I focused on faces and facial features and now I'm doing figure drawings again.
    Try to draw for at least 5 minutes a day. If you really want to kill it, do a 30 minute class mode a day. Decide what you want to get better at, break it down into smaller goals and tackle those week by week!

    You're not alone

    Share, connect, ask, help!
    That's the whole point of posting this challenge. I don't want to do this alone and neither do you. It's just so much more fun to do this in a group.
    So how do you share?

    Feel free to post your daily sketches here. Leave comments, motivate fellow artists, ask for advice, tell us about your goals.

    Personally, I mainly use Instagram - - and the hashtag #LineOfAction. If you post your drawings on instagram or any social media make sure to include the hashtag and maybe a link to this post or this website as it might motivate more people to join this challenge and give this website more exposure. We all know it deserves it.

    You can also share this post with friends and invite them to join the challenge. The more the merrier.

    And last but not least: Don't be afraid to join this challenge as a beginner and don't be ashamed to upload your drawings. We all started like that. There's no shame in being a beginner. If anything, it honors you if you post anyway and trust me, you will get better. Just keep drawing for at least 5 minutes a day and you will see progress.

    Good luck and have fun, everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts.

    Please support Line of Action

    Support us to remove this


    i really want to do this this is such a cool idea and im new to this site so i think that i might take up the easy mode at first and then continue with me if anyone wants to join me feel free so we can keep each other on track!!!


    Sure thing! Just post your daily sketches here! I'm on Day 19 today, so I'll be here to keep you on track, don't worry. Hopefully more people will join the challenge!

    I'm just about to draw today's sketch. This is yesterday's sketch (Day 18):


    wow yours is so good i can hardly get any done and you had time for the backgrounds and everthing that's so cool, im also going to be doing facial expressions! yours is so cool cause you use shading and with pen props to you! ill post yesterdays and later post todays


    Aw, thanks! Don't be intimidated. I started using this site in 2012. So I've been doing this for 5 years now. Just keep at it and practice a lot. I know it's hard in the beginning but it'll get easier and more fun along the way. It's always great to see progress. And you will see progress during this challenge. Believe me. ;)

    It took me 20-30 minutes to draw each figure by the way so I had a lot of time for those, haha. And I love ballpoint pens because you can't erase the lines. I used to be a perfectionist with pencils. I erased a lot. Eventually the eraser became more of an obstacle than the helpful too it should be. So I decided to go with ballpoint pens instead and I really love them, hehe.

    Unfortunately I can't post instagram pictures here because Instagram won't let me copy the url but I post my daily 30 second and 1 minute sketches over there as well. Maybe they are be more helpful to you. Here's the instagram link to today's sketch: (Just click the little arrow on the right side of the picture and you should be able to see the 30 second sketches)
    Today's sketch (Day 19):


    Hey hanoja_shook, where's your post? I was waiting to see it today. Here's mine (Day 20):


    i am up for it! but I can't seem to aboe to post pictures!
    anyways you can find it on my tumblr. this was my day 1! i want to focuse at least 10 days on figure drawing and then move to faces as they are such a difficult thing for me.

    i try different ways

    the final sketch of my day 1


    Oh that's a good sketch though! The proportions are on point. I did faces and expressions too.It's really hard to get all the features in all the right places,hehe. I'm really looking forward to seeing your improvement!
    Here's my drawing (Day 21):


    Hello all!! I'm definitely up for a challenge. I've been using Line of Action for a while (back when it was Pixelovely!!) and I love it. I am an art teacher and illustrator, and I'm working on building my drawing skills. We're about to start back at school,and I think it would be good for my students to see me practicing what I preach and drawing everyday. I'm going to start in "normal mode", but I'd certainly like to carry it to "hard mode"! I'm going to alternate subjects every week or so; I also want to practice animals since I'm working on a children's book. I appreciate any helpful feedback!


    Your text to link here...

    Drawing Day 1:
    This is a 10 minute pose. I haven't practiced in a few days so I'm a little rusty and it took me a bit longer than normal. Hopefully speed will also improve as I practice!


    Hey Anna, I'm glad you're joining our little group. Ah, yeah pixelovely. Good times.
    I think it's really cool that you're doing this challenge with your students in mind. It's amazing when teachers actually do what they preach! Maybe some of them want to participate as well. That would be awesome. Feel free to share your daily sketches here and I'll try to give constructive criticism.

    I actually didn't really sketch yesterday. I did, however try to paint a self portrait with candles. It was an amazing challenge. I can honestly recommend it. It's not a figure sketch but if you're interested you can check out the video here (Day 22):

    I'm looking forward to seeing your posts! :)


    hey guys, pleasure to met you all! I'd like to join too.

    Ryan, thank you for a wonderful post, it's a real pleasure to read. I like this picture best - the girl standing on her tiptoes

    Cappottorosso, the shading on your picture looks really nice

    here's my first


    Hey there, Mary.
    Thank you for your kind words and welcome to our group!
    Your drawings remind me of George Bridgman's sketches. Have you read his books by any chance? I love the precision in your rough sketches. I'm looking forward to seeing more!:)

    I actually skipped a day because I've had a couple of rough days but as a good friend of mine told me: "Creativity comes from motivation so staying motivated is more important than staying on track sometimes" I thought I'd share that wisdom because it's something we all should keep in mind while doing this challenge. Missing a day does not mean you failed completely We all have bad days, it happens. Just don't let it drag you down and get back up as soon as you're better, guys! ;)

    Here are yesterday's sketches (Day 22):

    And today's sketches (Day 23):


    Hey Ryan, thank you for a warm welcome! May the rough days pass and may the creativity and good spirit stay with you!
    I like your box-people and girls sketches, they convey the mood and the movement really nice!
    thank you for sharing your friend's words, it's so heartwarming and so wise. It made me feel better and motivated =)
    Wow, George Bridgman's is a master of art, it's very kind of you to compare his drawings with mine. Thank you for mentioning him, I've never heared about him before, I'll check him out!

    I guess I've skipped a day or two also


    Hi, everybody! I'm new here. This challenge is such a great idea! I'd love to join in!

    I'm going to be ambitious and do Hard Mode. I'm an aspiring comic artist and I've never done gesture drawings before, so I want the practice. Plus it'll be cool to look back at my old drawings a year from now and see how I've improved!

    EDIT: I tried to upload the gestures I did today and couldn't figure out how. The Photo button asks me to type in a URL, so I'm assuming that I can only upload pictures that have been posted online?
    Oh, well.

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