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    Hello everyone! I'm new to digital drawing but would love to get feedback on these quicksketches. They're either 30 second(3 of these), 1 minute(1) or 5 minute sketches(5).

    What do you think is lacking most in these drawings? What aspect of drawing should I be most focused on getting better at, in your opinion?

    Thank you! :)

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    I feel like you have a good grasp of the general motion of the poses, but in the 30 second and one minute sketches, the proportions feel off. A certain amount of this is to be expected; fast sketches aren't going to have the same refinement as longer sketches. However, particularly in the bottom right sketch of the first page, the legs are too short. I feel like this might be because you didn't want to overlap with the leg of the sketch below it. Don't be afraid to overlap! It's more important to have the best sketches you can manage then to preserve a barrier between each sketch. Overall, though, I feel like your sketches are very nice! I particularly like the bottom one on the first page- the legs have a lovely flow.

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    Thank you so much! You're right on about the legs in that bottom right sketch, I ran out of time and space and it shows. I'm happy to hear that you feel the overall motion is being captured generally, that's something I try really hard to nail down.


    How long have you been drawing? haha looks realy promising!

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    I've been drawing consistently for a few years now, but have really started kicking things into gear due to recent events.


    You have a really good grasp on motion and your strokes are bold and fluid which show no fear of mistake.

    You'd just need a bit of work on proportions.

    all the best


    Thanks! I'll definitely have to do more gestures with a focus on proportion. And I'm glad my very real fear of making mistakes doesn't show up in my lines! 🤣


    I would say that you have proportions pretty down pat. I suggest trying to use as few lines as possible; try not to scribble when you are putting anatomy onto your gesture drawings. This way, yout drawings will appear clean and bold. Best of luck to you!


    Hello Crashrune.

    Your drawings already can express movement and pose, but here some hints for improve them:

    1) Try limit the number of lines you're using. Find the longest line of action of the body, where the movement seems to flow through the body, fusing the torso and/or the legs and arms in the same line if needed, then add the other lines, always trying to feel the movement flow from one part to another.(You did that very well in the middle top drawing of the first sheet, where you found the longest line of action that goes from head to toes, and then added the minor lines.)

    2) Remember that every corner in a gesture drawing is a break in the movement flow, so use them sparely. Try to fuse parts of the body together in the same line, so you can save the corners for the the points where you want to convey more energy.

    3) In the longer drawings, start capturing the rough gesture with the same energy you would do in the shorter drawings, but with lighter lines. Then, if you have time, complete the drawing carefully. Instead of drawing a lot of quick lines for the same part of the body, draw only one slow and accurate line.

    Hope this helps! Keep improving!

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    Excellent post! Thank you Breno!

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