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    Okay so, today I put on a class session for myself using one of my custom classes. Everything was going well until 2 minutes in, after 4 x 30 second poses, when it just kept on increasing the number as soon as I was finished with a pose??? Huge bug there, really upset me, as I thought it was going to resolve itself but it literally kept on going - after my 30 second poses finally finished, having done 14 instead of 6 like my custom class specified because of this issue, it started giving me 2 minute poses - but after ONE two minute pose, it went back to giving me some 30 second ones without me asking?? This is nonsense and I hope that's just a bug cause I'm paying for membership and I'm pretty skint, thankful for the discount but this is really annoying as it skews my timing practice too and told me I had only practiced 14 minutes even if I ended up doing much more, and had to quit.

    Is someone having a similar issue?

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    That's extremely bizarre. Can you tell me what browser you're using? Do you utilize any browser plugins?

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