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    Hello! Here's the link. I used a 10 minute timer for each face but after 2 or 3 I didn't really use the full 10 minutes. I did this (and future practices) to get my more stylized art to a certain level of semi-realism by getting more comfortable with real faces. If that makes sense. Critiques are more than welcome!

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    link is asking me to ask for access...


    Ugh. I updated the link, it should work this time!


    Смотрел твои работы, они действительно хороши! :0

    Я пока не силен в критике.

    Я не уверен, но я думаю, что у девушки справа есть небольшие проблемы с положением глаз и строением лица. Может быть, вы можете увидеть это в зеркальном изображении по ссылке.

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    I like the energy in the line work , the eyes need practice but apart from that your hair is amazing too great work


    All of the people are highly recognizeable! I knew which model you were working from immediately with each face. That's quite the achievement, so congrats on that!

    I think playing with line weights might add some additional movement and energy to your drawings, maybe that's something you could try a little more of in a future practice session. :)

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