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    Heyo! Long time user of this site (Back when it was Pixelovely)! Super dig all the revamped design, however - I noticed with the pretty photoviewer, you guys made the Pause button super obtrusive.

    It was nice to be able to have the freedom to freeze the timer and do a longer study on an image if we so chose to. Now, if I find an image I really like, I'd either have to keep rewinding back to it, or find it randomly with different timing studies.

    Perhaps keeping a pause button, but adding a "freeze" button or something, so people can have the freedom to pause it legitimately, or freeze it because they wanna spend longer than 2 minute on the study.

    Just thought that was an awesome feature before!

    Thanks for your time!

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    Hello Carrot!

    We totally agree with you that the pause button needs to be less obtrusive. :) That's why we have a patch with a fix for it which will be applied in the near future.

    We don't have a specific date yet but it's coming!

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