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    Hey all. It's been a minute.

    I've been meaning to get back into gesture drawing. I've been at it for a while now but I hit yet another roadblock. I'm pretty satisfied with my gestures up until 2 minutes.

    While I do feel the poses, an intution is telling me that incremental pieces are missing. Just can't put my finger into what.


    Any word of advice is very welcome. Appreciate you all as always

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    Good noon, heliganreigns, and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios Animations, and how are you doing this noon?

    Say, nicer job on your range of forces over forms because you have perfectly captured the range of organic drawing in your construction drawings with as fewest lines as possible. I think you have the strongest potential in drawing the figures, but the anatomy seems a bit too mushiest, but I feel that the forces all seem a bit farthest too stilted. Why don't you please loosen up your gesture life drawing basics with our interactive drawing tutorial?

    The reason is because, you can and shall not only the forms, but the ideas and energies behind the poses, but also the silhouettes of the attitudes. For most info, look into the Walt Stanchfield PDF Volume 1 right there.

    Please take this with the littlest grain of salt the size of a dust bunny.


    Love the gestures you got going. They look pretty clean and well thought out, your process at this point is pretty well refined, there are a lot of little things I want to copy lol.

    Now I think you could work on some of your proportions. Some of the legs feel too short, shoulders feel to broad. Technically they could actually be accurate, but they are really messing with the feel and flow of the gesture. Its what's giving it them a slightly bloopy feeling.

    Your using the line of action pretty well, but sometimes you break them apart and move them a little in order to match the anatomy a little. For example in figure 1, the center line of the chest looks like flows down to his left leg, but you redrew the line on his leg with a curve in order to match the anatomy better. If you had followed the line of action all the way to the bottom of his foot, you may have been able to percieve and adjust his stance a little sooner.

    Another example is on figure 2, the lady on the floor leaning on her arms. The line of action could have went from her jaw down her back, or from the top of her shoulder down her back. Its a harder pose, so its completely understandable. Just remember to finish the rest of her limbs next time. Its important to finish the WHOLE figure before going into litle details.

    Honestly just great work. You are at the point where its a lot of little adjustments to process, but you're doing great.


    My advice is to first check the line of action and then spot all negative shapes in order to simplify your understanding of pose down to simple shapes. And try to sketch pose from inside(ribcage and etc.) if that does not work for you try the exact opposite that be from outside!


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