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    I'm unsure if I'm practicing right since I don't think I capture the motion that well and I wanted criticism. These are 30 seconds each.



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    In my opinion these are wonderful 30 second drawings. You are valuing structure over gesture. These short drawings are pretty much your under drawings to a longer piece. the more acurate your under drawing are, the better the end product is going be. And the less time you need to spend erasing mistakes. Your lines are great! They are not choppy.


    I think the motion for each drawing is captured pretty well, epsecially considering that each drawing was done in 30 seconds and you constructed each figure using basic shapes. Construction of the figure is an important focus forgesture drawings, so I would say you are on the right track when it comes to what the focus should be.

    Best part about these drawings is your line economy. You use very few lines to capture simple yet accurate representations of gesture, which is a difficult thing to do, and I know this is achieved well because I can tell how each figure is posed despite them being made up of simple curves and lines.

    Try moving on to 1 minute poses next. It looks like you already have a good foundation on what is important when capturing gestures in a short amount of time. Now see if you can detail your gesture drawings with a little more added time.


    Hi Nasayag ! they look pretty good to me. I am just an amature so dont take my comment as the exact thing to do. A 30 seconds or even 60 seconds gesture drawings are usualy done to warm up your hand before you go into the drawing you want to do. Just so you get your brain to feel that motion, energy or flow of the poses and be ready when you do a drawing (not a sketch). So i think your gestures are good and even the proportions are good. You are on the right track in my opinion. Practice, practice, practice and never be discouraged is the only options we have.

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    Je rejoins les avis précédents : ce sont des croquis dynamiques ,qui posent parfaitement la gestuelle des personnages. Les volumes sont déjà posés et les proportions également. Je remarque également que vous n'avez déjà plus besoin de tracer la ligne d'action ou du moins pas sur la papier 😉.Bravo !

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