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    Hello all,

    I'm a new member to Line of action. I've done some practice and want to receive some critique but the photo uploading is very slow. Anyone know why this is, and how to get around this problem?

    Thanks in advance


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    Are you uploading very large files?


    Hello Kim,

    The size of the file is 2.5 MB. Is there a limit as to what size I should upload?


    Uploaded it now. it seems the first file was too big.

    Thanks for your help, Kim.


    Hi Rosenhips!

    Glad you figured it out. :) You can show your image in a forum post by using the little code on the bottom right of the image, it makes it easier for people to give critique if they know which image it is.

    I checked it out and I like how they turned out! I watched one of Proko's mannequin videos and I think I understand what you were going for. When I see your gestures though, I see an outline that has some seemingly random lighter lines drawn inside that aren't consistent between the figures. The difference with Proko's drawings is that his figures appear to be constructed from multiple shapes that connect on purpose. Every line represents a section of the body or indicates a joint, every line very deliberately represents something.

    When you draw your gestures, working from that point of view can help a lot. Every line you drew in your gesture needs to have a purpose of representing a specific part of a mannequin. What do the horizontal lines on the legs represent in your bottom two gestures? Are any of them randomly added? If so, try to avoid doing that.

    Remember that the challenge in the mannequin construction lies in breaking down the body into joints and connecting shapes, everything has a reason to be there and a specific way of connecting. If you understand this construction, you understand anatomy in human bodies better.


    Hello Sanne,

    Thanks for the tip and for checking out my studies.

    Your feedback also makes sense, so I've had another go at Mannequinisation, which I'll upload shortly.


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