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    Hi guys, first of all thanks to all who contribute to this website and community, there are a lot of good infos.

    I've been practicing since a couple of weeks now and I'm looking to gain more fluidity and truth from my gestures.

    I've got very basic anatomical knowledge and I'm unsure if I should keep practicing on 30sec or add more seconds/minutes to the poses even though I don't know much about anatomy.

    Any critiques or tips are more than welcome, thanks in advance.

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    Anatomy comes from gesture. They’re not really things you can separate in drawing. A gesture drawing is a way of describing what moves. You can do a gesture drawing of an inanimate object and then you show how the light moves and how your eyes move. And with a living thing at rest, they still breathe, there’s still small twitches, not all the muscles will be perfectly relaxed. Plus, light never stops.

    My rec right now is for your next practice session, try a 30m class or a Croquis Cafe video class. See what happens when you push beyond your short poses and start adding detail. Find out what you know. Figure classes have existed in the kind of class we’re set up for here since around 1800 for sure. A lot of the founding artists in the Italian renaissance did figure studies, tho maybe not in an orderly class format, more like urban sketching. Basically class mode is a tool artists have used for a very long time, and it works for a wide variety of brains. And even a very short class of 30m will let you practice a variety of skills that you don’t get from steady short poses.


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