What do you do when you can't find the exact pose you're looking for?

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    I'm still a beginner when it comes to drawing, and I'm not at a point where I can draw right out of my head, or mentally turn a reference so that it matches up with what I'm trying to draw. In other words, unless I have someone to hold my hand through the entire thing, I can't draw a given pose or gesture unless I have an exact match of what I'm trying to draw. Even for simple poses, you'd be amazed at how difficult this is. Even googling "sitting on bed profile" has turned up way more possibilities than I ever could have imagined, and none of them are what I'm looking for.

    What do you do when this happens? Do you just try to draw it yourself, and hope that it works out? Do you look for something close, and draw that instead? Do you give up?

    I feel like there's something else I'm missing that I should be doing.

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    You have a bed. You have a you. You probably have a phone camera. So you either need a tripod or someone to hold the camera and you’re all set for the classic artist trick of being your own model.


    My body type is completely different from that of the character I'm trying to draw. I'm short and fat, he's tall and thin. I can't really *see* my body the way I would see his; there's too much fat in the way.

    ETA: Sorry, I don't mean to be difficult. I have tried the method you suggested before, and I think I also had trouble because, well, I'm going for a nude drawing, and I...wear clothing. I kind of have to, because the only people I have to take my picture are my parents. But that would indeed help with at least posture and proportions, since those tend to be the same no matter what your body type is.

    That was still very helpful, so thank you! I'll try to remember that next time. For now, I actually did manage to find a good drawing.

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    It’s not a classic trick because it works for every character. But it gets you an actual human in the pose you imagine. And it’s actually pretty easy to imagine poses that are physically difficult, or that don’t make sense in the setting, or that aren’t possible to hold for as long as would make sense.

    It lets you check if the idea is a sound one.

    If it is a good idea, then you can decide what to do next to pursue it.

    And yeah, I’m only just starting to be able to adjust body types. It takes a lot of practice for that to get easy I think. But it’s a lot easier than making up lighting or making up a pose from scratch. Life would be a lot cooler if I could draw myself the body I want.


    I try to not imagine a exact pose, I try to have a vage idea, so, when i go look for a reference, it's easier to find one I like, also, don't use just one reference, use many, like, one for the body type, one for the pose, one for the background. And pinterest is amazing when it comes to references, check it out!

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