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    I have some major upgrades planned this year that might constitute a whole new version. While I'm gearing up to work on that, I want to hear from you -- what would you like to see in a next version? :)

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    Hey, Kim, how are you doing today? First of all, I'd like to say, I'm sorry for today. And second of all, for the idea coming up, how's about adding the 1-4 second drawing time limits to our custom timer tool to all of our drawing tools. I think it's a great idea, if you are exclusively into the lines of action of anything and everything. So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my idea?? Good night.


    I would like some more guided step-by-step tutorials for beginners please!


    Thanks for opening this question up to the community. I registered just now so I could reply to this question!

    Larger timer in class mode: The current timer is so small I am unable to track how much time is remaining in my peripheral vision, which is important for sketches 1 minute and under. Some might find this visually distracting, so it could be opt-in for folks with good internal clocks.

    Warning bell: A tone of some sort could sound when there is very little time left on the clock. For shorter sketches, this could be with 5-10 seconds left. For longer sketches, it could play with 1 minute left on the clock. This could also be optional.

    I tried to take my first 30 minute class today after first experiencing Line of Action on YouTube. A content creator displayed the sketches from her 30 minute Line of Action class so the viewer could draw along. I absolutely loved it and rushed over here to take another class, only to find that the timer is tiny! The YouTube video had a much larger timer displayed on-screen which made taking the class much easier. I am going to repeat the same draw-along rather than take a new class where I won't be able to see how much time is left.

    I don't mean to sound overly critical. I absolutely love that this tool exists and that there's a free-version for unemployed folks like me.


    These are all great suggestions! Keep 'em coming! :)


    I would really appreciate the option to only work with male/female poses and exclude non-gender-conforming pose material. Nothing against nonbinary people - in fact, a better way to phrase this might be to ask for better nonbinary models. My experience with drawing from the nonbinary pose material was not spectacular: a larger person, standing in a nondynamic pose, in their own yard, with poor lighting and a poor camera, wearing a dress that hid most of their body, and a youngish androgynous person sitting in a wheelchair, with much of their body obscured by the wheelchair.

    Before you call my sensitivity into question, consider that I was streaming myself figure drawing for some friends on discord, and a nonbinary friend who happened to be in the call happened to share my feelings! In fact, what they said was along the lines of: "why does 'nonbinary person' have to mean 'pills and a wheelchair'?" So, what I'd like, if not for a polite way to work with only male/female models, would be a more dynamic lineup of nonbinary models ;)

    Other than that, this tool is great, and thank you for making it! I really appreciate how your "class" feature warms up with a series of quick poses and then works into longer ones, like the actual figure drawing classes I've done, which is a feature that the other pose resource I know of (quickposes) sadly lacks.


    Hey, Kim, how are you?

    Say, I'm thinking about interactive drawing tutorials on drawing tools other than figure studies, such as animals, and more. So, what do you think? Can we go with those, please?? Thank you.😊


    @Glacialfreeze I would LOVE to expand the lineup of nonbinary models! :D Thus far it's been kind of hard to get hold of them, but I am very much on the lookout.


    I would love as added categories "Plants" and "machinery & techy stuff" or something of the likes.


    I'm with you, Otter. We want it and we need it!


    A search button for finding topics in the content on this site. Eg if I wanted to find all the posts on drawing animals.


    Some drawing challenges occassionally would be nice, where the site proposes a theme, a motive, or a technique or so, and everybody gives it a try?


    Vehicles and machinery would be a great category - thanks!


    I would like to be able to save preferences/defaults for session type, length and model selections, or for LoA to remember my last settings and auto-fill them. For example, I want to practice drawing adult models in 30minute lesson mode, and I'd like these settings to be pre-selected whenever I'm logged in.

    In general, I feel like in the free version at least, there's not much point being logged in at all, as it offers little benefit compared to public access. Allowing a little customization would help.

    Other than that, I second the requests for more newbie tutorials - in particular, I'd love a step-by-step guide how to draw a human face quickly, in the spirit of LoA, similar to the figure tutorial, and I'd also love more model categories.


    One thing that struck me is, that most of the photographers have their individual style of posing and lighting, and sometimes I wish there would be a button to just depict photos from a specific photographer (which obviously would only be possible for photo studios who have submitted a sufficient number of images).

    Some of the image styles allow for, or even beg for, testing out a specific drawing style, which just might make little to no sense with references from another photographer.

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