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    @illographer, Yes, working off photo references help me reinstate the basic anatomy lessons learned. I think I am going to try and do more of those.

    @Lucian: science fiction is a fun theme. i'm looking forward to your art.
    I remember coming across a good read on Gesture Drawing for Animation by Walt Stanchfield. I think you might like that.

    @Finn, strong poses, dude. Keep up the good work

    I finally hit 75 pieces early this month to take a break from work and stuff and pondering on the next theme for the last 25 drawings.
    Updates coming soon
    Keep the force strong everyone!




    Get more practice photos

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    Hey there
    for those who still remember me :)
    Sice time killed me and i ditched the challenge, i´m not going to simply continue it but restart it instead....

    So here it goes! Mikokos second attempt at the "Insect 100 Drawings" challenge!
    Wish me luck and endurance i´ll try to keep you updated


    Hi Mikoko,

    welcome back:) I think it's really great you're starting again.

    When I started this project I thought it was going to be easy, that 100 drawings is not that much....boy was I wrong! I'm in for nearly three weeks and just finished no. 15.

    You can find it here.

    So a long way to go, but I must say, I can see some improvement so the project is a success already :) No matter how long it takes to finish it. (you can find my first here)



    Hey all, my name is Joe and I've been using this site for gesture drawings for about a year, thank you to whoever created it. I'd like to take part in the 100 drawing challenge and expose my work to any and all who may critique it.

    1. I would like my work to be more spontaneous and less rigid.

    2. a. practice blind contour drawings.

    b. break away from using lines to define form.

    c. be more accepting of my less than stellar works and learn from them.

    3. I commit to producing 100 drawings.


    drawing no.1



    Uhh... I haven't been on this for a while but it's always been a dream of mine to become a great artist.
    I wanna try this challenge but I don't know where to start (Shading?, Perspective? etc.) I'm a beginner.  :(


    @Joe - Welcome to the club!

    @Cassidy478: That's right, start from the basics.  If you can, grab a copy of  Betty Edwards' "drawing from the right side of the brain". It's a good eye opener to creativity, approach  and understanding art.  If you decide to be a bit more adventurous and explore the interwebs, then try the following in order

    Straight lines, curve lines and mark making (hatching)
    Positive and negative spaces
    Contour drawing (and Blind Contour)
    Values (shading)
    Perspective (one point, multi-point)
    Human Anatomy
    a) Faces
    b) Body
    c) Hands
    d) Feet
    Animal Anatomy

    When you are feeling a lot more comfortable with basic drawing, try human and animal anatomy. Poke around's own tutorials and techniques. There are sites like where you can create a free account and post your progress for others to evaluate.

    Art is a skill. And like any other skill, the more you work on it the better you get. So keep practicing!



    I am contemplating this challenge... LOL. Still thinking!!

    @El Bow, that's some great advice right there! Definitely always good to begin at the beginning! ;)




    more to come! thank you for the opportunity and I would like to hear your opinions.


    Happy new year, guys! Anybody made any art resolutions for 2013? Welp, this turned into a wall of text, feel free to just skip to your name...!


    @El Bow: Thanks! Keep up the impressive work!


    @illographer: Your portraits have already shown massive improvement, so if you're this good at 15, can't wait to see what you're producing further along in the project! And thanks for the critique, I'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind for future drawings.


    @Mikoko: It's never too late to try again :) Good luck this time around!


    @Casidy478: First up, "What do you want to draw?" Interest goes a long way towards motivating yourself through the practise required to improve. El Bow’s list will start you off very well. If you have time, read over Vyse’s post in this thread; it’s long, but their advice is solid, especially if you start to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all :)


    @AdrienneRose: You can always mix ‘n’ match if you can’t decide on one single goal i.e. mine started as ‘learn to draw gestures’, evolved to ‘learn to draw humans’ and comes with a side order of ‘draw hands and feet’. Go on, join the madness!


    @fbtmoj: Welcome to the project, Joe! You’ve got some nice dark values in the first sketch you posted, but it might be worth adding some midtones to balance out the stark shadows and highlights; by mastering shading, you can move away from relying on lines to describe form and let the shading do it instead.

    The two portraits you posted are good, you show a pretty solid awareness of the facial features and proportions, but the alignments (portrait #2) are something off. Try holding your sketches up to a mirror for a quick way to spot any mistakes before adding details and shading. Portrait #3 is more even and you’ve made some nice bold choices with your colours. It’s great to see some pastel work here, keep it up!

    To gain spontaneity in your drawings, try combining gesture studies with Michael Hampton’s “Figure Drawing: Design and Invention” – I found his chapters on gestures really helped me to loosen up my own drawings.

    As for accepting your less than stellar works, the 100 project seems to help with that, because you move pretty quickly onto the next drawings and let the previous ones be. Good luck!


    Right now, I want to get better with drawing the body. For now, I am working on the female body.
    I dubbed 1 minute as my time per gesture, and I have 30 completed so far.

    After I am done with females, I will go to males. Then smaller individual body parts. :)


    Finished my 1min female gestures

    moved onto my male 1min gestures


    @A_AHello, I read in some of your comments that you are struggling drawing the figure from your memory:) I recommend you this site: You can sign up for free and you will receive lessons step by step. They helped me a lot and I hope they will be useful to you too^^


    @El Bow  Thanks!

    With the first 5 suggestions, should they be broken down in to smaller goals?



    My bad for the late response

    There are a ton of exercises under these five topics. Here is one example site that covers a bunch of the listed topics

    Our very own Kim covers a bunch of topics too


    I just discovered this site, and it looks very interesting.

    I think I'm going to get into the 100 draws project. I finaly decided to actually studing drawing for real. For the project I think I'll start with human anatomy (I suc at drawing humans). To be more specific, I'm hoping to begin with faces:

    1 - Face anatomy and positioning of structures

    2 - Caracterization of diferent kinds of faces

    3 - Expressions

    I'll try to make 5 skecths of 5 - 10 minuts every day.


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