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    Great! I am so happy you actually tried it and liked it : )

    how is the 100 coming along : D ?

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    I sort of burned out on my 100... I've been thinking that perhaps if I did a 100 of all fun images, like gift art for my friends of their D&D characters, with the goal being to loosen up, take risks, and feel confident just drawing, I might be able to rekindle my 100 fire!


    hah, no point in giving yourself homework if it feels like work : ) hope you get it back though : )

    making gift art sounds awesome! do they request them, or are you just like the worlds greatest friend to have if you play D&D : )?


    With my schedule I think my friends bend over backwards to avoid adding stuff to my to-do list. So I think I will just have some very surprised friends! ;)


    Hi, everyone. This exercise sounds like a rather brilliant idea to improve as an artist! I'll try my hardest to stick to this for the full time. It will definitely be easier to do now before school becomes too hectic.

    My goal is to draw the human body and all its attributes more atomically correct, and just better in general.
    To make this goal into smaller parts I want to:
    #1 Be able to easily and quickly do figure drawing exercises
    #2 Draw faces with more life in them, while still keeping their structure correct
    #3 shade and highlight the body in a way that muscles can be seen and looks realistic

    To do this, I will practice drawing people everyday, try to give myself at least 15 minuets of drawing time, and by doing a figure drawing exercise once a week until the 100 days are complete.

    Wow, now looking back at this it seems like a lot to do, but hopefully this will improve my drawing skills :)


    Sorry to resurrect such an old topic. I discovered the site today and fell in love. I am Fábio Silva, from Brazil, and I study art independently, because my family is poor and I was not able to go to an art school.

    I decided to practice my art in a focused way after read the article in the site and I want to improve my line art. In that case, my intention is to improve my line art through the study of human anatomy. I will start by faces using the practice tool of drawings figures present on this site, focused on faces, initially. My intention is to study 3 hours a day, being one hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon and one hour in the evening. I will do this for a week before going to the next step (arms and hands) and so on.

    Thanks. I will give support to the site.


    Welcome fabiosilva! I'm glad you've found us, I'm very much looking forward to seeing your progress!

    Don't forget to stop by our Practice and Advice and Critique forums to keep us posted. :)


    This idea looking really good after I read it
    I will join to that
    I will try to practice figure in the next 100days
    My goals are
    1-know how to draw human body without see it with a different poses
    2-understand some anatomy
    3-Know how to put muscles in the figure
    4-learn specially were the positions of the hands and legs


    Hello I'm Isiah. And hello everyone!

    Step 1: I want to focus and be better at figure drawing and not pay so much attention to detail as to focus on the main parts of what I'm drawing and not be too hard on myself.

    Step 2:

    {When drawing the anatomy of a human body, be relaxed and make this a more productive and motivating process than an angry way to stress myself.}

    {When figure drawing not be too hard with my lines, I have a tendency to draw really hard and not very lightly.}

    That's about it. :)
    I'm excited too try something different.


    I struggle with mechanical stuff, it stresses me out trying to draw it so Id like to improve. WIll try this 100 challenge and see if I can improve.

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